Objects & Places from The Dreams of Ada

Bob Mayer
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Composite Sketches

Based on descriptions by witnesses of two men seen at local convenience stores, these objects cause Tommy Ward to be questioned.

Confession Tapes

Though these objects are clearly inconsistent, their content weighs heavily with the jury. The objects' effects result in the convictions of Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot.

Grey Primer Truck

Denice Haraway is seen with this object on the night she disappears.

Burned House

Karl Fontenot claims in his confession that Denice Haraway's body was destroyed at this location, but police disprove this claim.

Six Inch Knife

According to Tommy Ward and Karl Fontenot in their confession, Odell Titsworth used this object to murder Denice Haraway.

Death Penalty

This can be used to prevent a person who is convicted of a heinous crime from continuing to be a threat to society.


Denice Haraway disappears from this location on April 28, 1984.

Miz Ward's House


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