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Bob Mayer
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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, Disappearance)


Chapter 1, Disappearance

An eye-witness can be a person who actually views the crime or other event at issue, or a witness can be a person with other relevant information. The objective of this lesson is to analyze the eye-witness testimonies given in Chapter 1 and to question the reliability of such testimonies.


1) Class Discussion: A solid eye-witness possesses personal knowledge of the subject matter of the testimony; has the physical and mental capacity to perceive accurately, record, and recollect fact impressions; and possesses the capacity to understand questions and to communicate understandably. Of the eye-witnesses mentioned in Chapter 1, which, if any, could be classified as a solid eye-witness? Is Lenny Timmons a competent, reliable eye-witness? Why do you suppose Timmons does not suspect anything unusual when the man and woman walk `q1 past him? Does Lenny's lack of observation or awareness to his surroundings make him...

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