The Dreams of Ada Fun Activities

Bob Mayer
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Journal entry

Create a journal entry for Tommy Ward describing his experience of being interrogated by the police.

Newspaper article

Compose a newspaper article detailing some aspect of the Haraway case that would have been read in Ada in 1984.


Research and bring in an article regarding the actual case of the disappearance of Denice Haraway.


Compose a scrapbook of the Ward family. Include the parents of Tommy Ward, his siblings, their childhood, and their adulthood.


Write a blog entry for Karl Fontenot discussing why he blamed Tommy Ward for his being in jail.

Book Review

Write a short book review that could be printed on the back of The Dreams of Ada. How would you describe the book and/or the author?

Classified ad

Devise a classified ad that would be seen in the local Ada newspaper promoting Attorney Don Wyatt, Private Investigator Richard Kerner...

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