The Dreams of Ada Character Descriptions

Bob Mayer
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Tommy Ward

This character begins drinking and smoking marijuana to help cope with the grief of losing a father. This behavior causes the loss of a job.

Karl Fontenot

This character witnesses the death of his mother when she is hit by a car after leaving her own vehicle to check for damage after a minor car accident.

Tricia Ward Wolf

This character takes a great deal of the responsibility of raising a younger brother as a teen due to the fact that their mother is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of raising eight children.

Donna Denice Haraway

This character is a college student who works as a student teacher at a local Ada elementary school.

District Attorney Bill Peterson

This character has the confession tapes in the case.

Detective Captain Dennis Smith

This character's second job is to deliver newspapers to neighbors.

Don Wyatt

This character is a...

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