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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unpleasant impression does Golyadkin have as he leaves Krestyan Ivanovich’s office?
(a) He realizes that Krestyan Ivanovich had insulted him.
(b) He sees Krestyan Ivanovich watching him from the window.
(c) He remembers the actual reason fro his visit.
(d) He realizes that he left his money at Krestyan Ivanovich’s office.

2. When Golyadkin wakes up, Dostoevsky says that he discovers he lives in Petersburg, not in some other place: where is that other place?
(a) A faery realm.
(b) His hometown.
(c) a palace.
(d) A hell of sorts.

3. How does Dostoevsky describe Krestyan Ivanovich?
(a) Sallow old chap.
(b) Brisk young man.
(c) Virile middle-aged father.
(d) Healthy older gentleman.

4. Which of the following isn’t Golyadkin good at?
(a) Focusing on his work.
(b) Embellishing his speech.
(c) Managing his servant.
(d) Getting places on time.

5. Who is Andrey Filippovich?
(a) Golyadkin’s friend.
(b) Golyadkin’s cousin.
(c) Golyadkin’s boss.
(d) Golyadkin’s rival for a woman’ hand.

Short Answer Questions

1. What disconcerts Golyadkin when he is in the carriage?

2. What is Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin’s rank?

3. What is the literary term for difference between Golyadkin’s description of himself and the narrator’s account of his actions?

4. How does Golyadkin speak?

5. How much money does Golyadkin have in his wallet, which he counts over and over again?

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