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Chapter 1

• Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin wakes groggy one morning, but counting out 750 rubles puts him in high spirits.

• Petrushka, his servant, dons livery and prepares his dress before he goes out for what seems to be a special day.

• In a rented carriage, Golyadkin is seen by two clerks and his boss, Andrey Filippovich, and diverts his trip to his doctor, Krestyan Ivanovich Rutenspitz’s office.

Chapter 2

• At Krestyan Ivanovich’s office, Golyadkin commits three blunders, one after another, and then talks with the doctor.

• The doctor tells Golyadkin to live a happy social life, and Golyadkin says that he is someone who keeps to himself, and does not go in for shallow enjoyments.

• Golyadkin says that he has knowledge that could harm people, but he would not sully himself so.

Chapter 3

• With Petrushka, Golyadkin goes to the Gostiny Dvor, a shopping district, where he haggles over a number...

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