Objects & Places from The Dog of the South

Charles Portis
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Hotel Magador

This is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where Norma and Guy stay for a while.

Dog of the South

This is a repainted bus in which Reo Symes is living, located in a trailer park near San Miguel de Allende.

La Cucaracha

This is a bar in San Miguel de Allende where Ray Midge meets Reo Symes.

British Honduras

This is the former name for Belize, a small country on the Gulf coast, south of Mexico.

With Wings as Eagles

This is a book written by John Dix, Reo Symes' hero.

Jeans Island

This is a small island in Louisiana owned by Nel Symes.

Fair Play Hotel

This is a hotel in Belize where Ray Midge rents a room.

Unity Tabernacle

This is a church in Belize owned by Nel Symes.

Leets Motor Ranch

This is a used car lot at which Ray finds...

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