The Dog of the South Character Descriptions

Charles Portis
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Ray Midge

He is a young man living in Arkansas with his wife, and it is his dream to become a high school mathematics teacher.

Reo Symes

A discredited doctor, he has spent most of his life engaged in schemes and scams which have resulted in the loss of his medical license, and pursuit by both U.S. postal authorities and individuals from whom he has apparently stolen.

Guy Dupree

He was the first husband of a certain woman, and has now re-entered her life and taken her with him to avoid prosecution for having sent threatening letters to the President.

Webster Spooner

He is a youngster in Belize who must fend for himself and works as an assistant/bellboy at a hotel but also engages in any money-making activity available in order to obtain cash.

Jack Wilkie

He is a lawyer who makes most of his money...

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