The Dog of the South Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charles Portis
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Chapters 1 - 3

• Ray Midge is tracking his wife Norma's travels by way of charges appearing on his Texaco and American Express credit cards.

• Norma has run away with her first husband, Guy Dupree, and Ray has determined that they have arrived in Mexico, having taken Ray's Ford Torino

• In hindsight, Ray can see that Norma was unhappy but he was too focused on his college classes, having returned to school to become a high school math teacher.
• Guy was in trouble with the law because he had sent some threatening letters to the President and was arrested by the Secret Service.

• Guy jumped bail and took off with Norma.

• The bail bondsman, Jack Wilkie, convinces Ray to go after Guy and Norma so that he can follow to capture Guy.

• Ray cashes some savings bonds to finance the trip and takes off in Guy's old Buick which was...

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