The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Test | Mid-Book Test - Medium

Jean-Dominique Bauby
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How will Jean need to be fed after losing too much weight?
(a) With vomit reducers.
(b) Through a tube.
(c) Through vitamin pills.
(d) With an all liquid diet.

2. What is the only part of his body the author can move at will?
(a) His upper lip.
(b) His right toe.
(c) His left pinky finger.
(d) His left eyelid.

3. What would the last lines of his writing about his hospital experience include?
(a) The main character looking sadly out a window.
(b) The main character getting up and walking around.
(c) The main character dying.
(d) The main character committing suicide.

4. What condition was Jean in after his coma?
(a) He was in and out of consciousness.
(b) He was almost totally normal for a time.
(c) He was in critical condition.
(d) He was in a general stupor.

5. What is the weather like when Jean wakes from his coma?
(a) Dry but cold.
(b) Warm and sunny.
(c) Cold and rainy.
(d) Warm and humid.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean compare his life at the hospital to?

2. What does Jean constantly dream about?

3. What homage to Eugenie was placed at the hospital that Jean is staying at?

4. Where does Jean see all the people in his corridor?

5. What kind of place does Jean's father live in?

Short Essay Questions

1. What kind of creature does Jean compare himself to and why?

2. What does Sandrine help Jean to do, and how do the other staff at the hospital respond to this?

3. Where has the author spent much of his last year when the book begins?

4. What major accomplishment does Jean do with Sandrine's help, and who is notified about this?

5. Why does Jean think he dreams about certain things repeatedly while in the hospital?

6. How does Jean communicate his fluctuating emotions?

7. Who is the only literary figure with Locked-In syndrome?

8. How does Jean describe his corridor of the hospital?

9. Who is Eugenie?

10. How does Jean communicate with people who come to visit him?

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