Objects & Places from The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Jean-Dominique Bauby
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This is where Jean-Dominique lives in Room 119.

Diving Bell

Jean says that his Locked-In syndrome is like being confined to this object.


Jean says that his mind is like this creature.


This is an object that has a twofold meaning. The first refers to the appearance of the Virgin at Lourdes. The second meaning refers to the gaudy lamp statue that Jean buys Josephine.


This is a horse that is a sure bet to win a race. Jean and his friend Vincent spend a day at the track but fail to place a bet on the horse.

The Alphabet

This comforts Jean when no one else is around.

The Photo

Jean's father sends him this while he is in the hospital.

Trail of the Snake by Charles Sobraj

This is a book that tells about the adventures of a man who...

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