The Diving Bell and the Butterfly Character Descriptions

Jean-Dominique Bauby
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Jean-Dominque Bauby

This person drives the latest automobiles, travels the world, and spends time with very influential people until he has a debilitating stroke.


This person is scheduled to spend the evening attending a play when his father has a stroke.


This person is eight at the time of her father's stroke. However, she appears almost blissfully unaware that her father's life has changed dramatically.


This person is responsible for developing the communication code that the author uses to talk to people and that is used to dictate his book.


This person is the mistress of the author.


This person and the author have a sort of love-hate relationship that includes more arguing than loving conversation.


This person is the wife of the author and the mother of the author's children.


This friend of the author's is stocky and...

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