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Bo Caldwell
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. ___________ has begun to take place in China, causing more conflict in the area and more troubles for those living there.
(a) Peace.
(b) A new empire.
(c) Civil war.
(d) Economic downturn.

2. __________ liberation army and the Chinese Nationalist troops are the two factions at war.
(a) Chinese.
(b) People's.
(c) Japanese.
(d) Mao's Peoples.

3. Who thinks and worries about Joseph constantly, which is not something she had anticipated?
(a) Mary.
(b) Gran.
(c) Genevieve.
(d) Anna.

4. The Communists view Joseph's business as a form of ___________, so he is under investigation.
(a) Spying.
(b) Robbery.
(c) Deceit.
(d) Exploitation.

5. Who is at Anna's side after the C-Section that delivers her daughter?
(a) Jack.
(b) Gran.
(c) Genevieve.
(d) Joseph.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joseph is nervous about ________ since his United States assets have been frozen.

2. What magazine reveals the details of Joseph's imprisonment to Anna and Genevieve?

3. Where do Genevieve and Anna live for a month before Anna learns they are moving to Hungjoa?

4. Where is the postmark from on the letter that Genevieve receives from Joseph in 1942?

5. Genevieve learns that Joseph will arrive in _________ in mid-December after the conflict is over.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Joseph learn about his finances on New Year's Day 1949?

2. What does Joseph find when he returns to his office on Yuen Thing Yuen Road?

3. What happens when Genevieve and Anna decide to go to eat at Jimmy's?

4. What does Joseph end up telling Anna about the reason why they will not be living together in Shanghai?

5. Why wasn't Joseph as happy in California as he is when he is living in Shanghai?

6. What is the job Joseph is offered by a Shanghai friend, General Shang Chen?

7. What does Genevieve show to Anna after the party for her and Jack?

8. What does Joseph tell Anna about his life when they are at a nearby Chinese restaurant?

9. What do prisoners have to do as a part of their imprisonment by the Communist government?

10. What happens as a result of the investigations by the Communist government?

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