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Bo Caldwell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the first career into which Joseph goes after he has graduated from college?
(a) Imports.
(b) Insurance.
(c) Law.
(d) Smuggling.

2. What did the Japanese want from Joseph? They wanted him to be a ___________.
(a) Legal officer.
(b) Bank roller.
(c) Collaborator.
(d) Spy.

3. What do Genevieve and Anna notice when they are shopping in the city?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Refugees.
(c) Bodies.
(d) Soldiers.

4. What does Anna give back to her father, thinking that she might have been the one who started the war?
(a) Book.
(b) Picture.
(c) Note.
(d) Yen.

5. Joseph has Anna draw maps of _________ while he is working at his office, during the story.
(a) France.
(b) Japan.
(c) United States.
(d) China.

6. What does Anna find when she is looking in her parents' room to find her birthday presents?
(a) Money.
(b) War photos.
(c) A locked box.
(d) Nothing.

7. What is the road on which the big shopping area is located, according to the book?
(a) Hupsong Road.
(b) Nanking Road.
(c) Nakora Road.
(d) Vilrog Road.

8. Anna knows that she will ____________, which is why she doesn't pack up all of her books and toys.
(a) Grow up quickly.
(b) Buy more.
(c) Be back.
(d) Not have room.

9. What is the time of the new curfew, which is one of the biggest changes in the city, according to the book?
(a) 11:00 pm.
(b) 9:00 pm.
(c) 10:00 pm.
(d) 12:00 am.

10. At this point of the story, Joseph becomes involved in the business of _________, including yen trading.
(a) Banking.
(b) Currency.
(c) Smuggling.
(d) Marketing.

11. What does Joseph love above anything else, so much so that he teaches his daughter about it?
(a) Books.
(b) Gardening.
(c) Music.
(d) Shanghai.

12. Joseph is accused of witnessing a prisoner, _________, asking to have a letter smuggled out of the camp.
(a) Will Masters.
(b) Richard Fletcher.
(c) Joe Masters.
(d) Mei Wah.

13. What series of books becomes Ann's favorite when she first discovers them?
(a) Judy Blume.
(b) Hardy Boys.
(c) Nancy Drew.
(d) Narnia.

14. What city in China falls on July 28, 1937, according to the book's description?
(a) No city falls.
(b) Peking.
(c) Shanghai.
(d) Beijing.

15. What does Anna's father say that he can leave her after he dies?
(a) His legal issues.
(b) His journals.
(c) His money.
(d) His clothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. John Barrows decides to choose Joseph as his ___________, in order to watch over the other internees.

2. What is the name of the better quarters in which Joseph and the other leaders are housed?

3. The American Club becomes the Japanese _________ Headquarters, according to the story's details.

4. Joseph finally decides to close down the house in the ________ of 1941 in order to meet up with his daughter and wife.

5. Where does Joseph decide to hide all of his valuable papers and money? Under the __________.

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