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Bo Caldwell
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Joseph says that he can't make _________ by leaving Shanghai at this point in time.
(a) Money.
(b) Honor.
(c) Peace.
(d) Stability.

2. Who begins to dress differently and to act differently than they used to in Shanghai?
(a) Anna.
(b) Gran.
(c) Genevieve.
(d) Joseph.

3. What does Joseph tell Anna the gendarmes are looking for in the city?
(a) Nothing.
(b) Her shoes.
(c) Yen.
(d) A piece of paper.

4. What series of books becomes Ann's favorite when she first discovers them?
(a) Nancy Drew.
(b) Judy Blume.
(c) Hardy Boys.
(d) Narnia.

5. In what sort of house does the family live when they are in Shanghai?
(a) Hut.
(b) Hovel.
(c) Villa.
(d) Mansion.

6. Joseph tells Anna that no matter what happens with Japan, they will be safe in the ______________.
(a) Internment camps.
(b) Border Town.
(c) International Settlement.
(d) Villa.

7. What does Anna call Liu and Company, one of her favorite places to go on the trips with her father?
(a) Fruit basket.
(b) Paper store.
(c) Book shelf.
(d) Candy shop.

8. Joseph has Anna draw maps of _________ while he is working at his office, during the story.
(a) China.
(b) France.
(c) Japan.
(d) United States.

9. Anna and Joseph go to Hsin Hung Chong where he needs to take a picture for an ___________ claim.
(a) Irrigation.
(b) Imaginary.
(c) Identification.
(d) Insurance.

10. What does Anna's father say that he can leave her after he dies?
(a) His journals.
(b) His legal issues.
(c) His money.
(d) His clothing.

11. Joseph is moved to the ______ hotel, where he learns that all foreigner assets have been frozen, as well as bank accounts.
(a) Methurst.
(b) Trump.
(c) Bellagio.
(d) Plaza.

12. What is the name of the family's favorite eating place where Joseph takes Anna?
(a) Billy's.
(b) Don's.
(c) Joe's.
(d) Jimmy's.

13. Who keeps telling Anna that things will get better, even as Anna doesn't make friends?
(a) Joseph.
(b) Gran.
(c) Genevieve.
(d) Judy.

14. What is the last name of the family that is featured in this story?
(a) Schone.
(b) Scone.
(c) Schoene.
(d) Shone.

15. Even though Genevieve sometimes objects, Joseph often takes _________ out on his outings.
(a) Her.
(b) No one.
(c) Mei Wah.
(d) Anna.

Short Answer Questions

1. Joseph predicts that the fighting in the city will only last a __________, and he doesn't appear to be concerned.

2. Joseph points out on the map that _________ is trying to take over China.

3. What begins to return to normal after the Japanese take over in Shanghai?

4. _________ troops are ordered to leave Shanghai in November of 1941, according to the story.

5. What is the birthday gift that Anna receives when she turns seven-years-old, just as she had wanted?

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