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Bo Caldwell
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Stilts, The City of Angels, pgs. 103-128.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What series of books becomes Ann's favorite when she first discovers them?
(a) Narnia.
(b) Hardy Boys.
(c) Judy Blume.
(d) Nancy Drew.

2. Where are Anna and her father supposed to meet their servant?
(a) The main fountain.
(b) The school yard.
(c) Park Hotel.
(d) At home.

3. What is the road on which the big shopping area is located, according to the book?
(a) Hupsong Road.
(b) Vilrog Road.
(c) Nakora Road.
(d) Nanking Road.

4. Anna knows that she will ____________, which is why she doesn't pack up all of her books and toys.
(a) Grow up quickly.
(b) Buy more.
(c) Not have room.
(d) Be back.

5. What does Anna give back to her father, thinking that she might have been the one who started the war?
(a) Yen.
(b) Note.
(c) Picture.
(d) Book.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who arrives to pick up Anna after the kidnapping incident, according to the story?

2. What do Genevieve and Anna notice when they are shopping in the city?

3. Anna and Joseph go to Hsin Hung Chong where he needs to take a picture for an ___________ claim.

4. Even though Genevieve sometimes objects, Joseph often takes _________ out on his outings.

5. Though the family is wealthy, they only have ________ live-in servants, according to the story's description.

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