Objects & Places from The Distant Land of My Father

Bo Caldwell
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Bunker Hill

This place is a section of downtown Los Angeles, California, where Anna's father lived in a rooming house.


This is a city on the eastern coast of China.


This is a western suburb of Shanghai where the Schoenes live.

The Bund

This area is the shopping area of Shanghai close to the office of Joseph.

South Pasadena

This is a suburb of Los Angeles, California, where Anna and Genevieve move.

Haiphong Road

This area is the Shanghai location of a former United States Marine barracks that the Japanese use as an internment camp.

Monterey Road Apartment

This location is the South Pasadena residence of Jack and Anna after they marry.

Ward Road Jail

This is the Shanghai jail where Joseph is held prisoner by the Communist Chinese.

Hong Kong

This is an island off the eastern coast of China that is a British colony...

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