The Distant Land of My Father Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Bo Caldwell
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Prologue, Dust, Shanghai, pgs. 1-24

• Anna's father was a Shanghai millionaire in the 1930s.

• When Anna's father dies, she finds a box with his journals, telling of his life in Shanghai.

• When Anna is six, she and her family live in a villa on Jungjoa road.

• Anna's father tries to teach her about Shanghai so that she might love the city as much as he does.

Shanghai, Acrobats and Vinegar, pgs. 25-51

• Anna can't read Chinese, so she asks her father for help.

• Anna is given money by her father, and she also finds a note that she hides in her shoe.

• Anna, her father, and Will Marsh all meet up to eat at Jimmy's.

• Two men in a black sedan take Anna's father away.

• Will Marsh makes the arrangements to pay the kidnappers.

• Will suggests leaving Shanghai, though Joseph does not want to.

• Genevieve is worried about...

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