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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the proverb that Machiavelli reports the Samnites used on the Tuscans to encourage them to make war on the Roman Empire?
(a) "Will you not trade you security for freedom."
(b) "Do you want to die as free men or live as slaves?"
(c) "What would you give to breath the air of free men."
(d) "Peace (with Rome) was more of a burden to slaves than war is to free men."

2. What did Roman historian Livius call Necessity?

3. Why does Machiavelli consider it impossible to establish a perpetual Republic?
(a) Because a Republic must always send its best men to war.
(b) Because all the ruling Nobles will have to be sent to colonies.
(c) Because a Republic will always have ambitious men.
(d) Because in a thousand unforeseen ways its ruin may be caused.

4. What are the two ways that Machiavelli claims that envy can be extinguished?
(a) Through friendship and common wealth.
(b) Through life threatening disaster or through the death of rivals.
(c) Through war and crisis.
(d) Through conspiracy and corruption.

5. On what does Machiavelli believe a Republic must be organized?
(a) On the reputation of Citizens that give benefit to the city and avoid harming it and its liberty.
(b) The virtu of its Captains who will effectively deceive enemies.
(c) The strength of its armies that can occupy provinces.
(d) The wisdom of its Nobles who will know how to use wealth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What knowledge is necessary for a Captain to be successful?

2. What does Machiavelli identify as the cause of using dishonorable words against an enemy?

3. In Book 3, Section 1, what does Machiavelli declare to be, "...a most true thing...."

4. What does Machiavelli claim to be the cause of Princes losing inherited power?

5. According to Machiavelli, what is the sign of a truly powerful Republic?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Machiavelli recommend to Captains as an element of strategy to assure success in capturing a town?

2. What does Machiavelli believe is the consequence of insulting anyone with words?

3. What were the two evils that Machiavelli claims came to Rome as its Empire grew in geographical size?

4. What is the advice that Machiavelli gives to Princes who take possessions from another Prince?

5. What are some of methods that Machiavelli identifies that Citizens use to earn private honors?

6. What are two points that you can take from Book Three, Section 13 to suggest that Machiavelli believes that it is better for a Prince to have a strong army badly captained rather than a bad army strongly captained?

7. Why does Machiavelli recommend to avoid appointing anyone who has been offended to an important position in government?

8. Why does Machiavelli consider sustaining an initial thrust of an enemy to be an effective strategy for winning a battle?

9. Why does Machiavelli consider negotiating peace treaties with insurrectionists to be the most harmful method of ending conflicts in a City?

10. What does Machiavelli advise those who seek to change a Republic?

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