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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Machiavelli consider the most useful possession for the defense of a Republic?
(a) Wise diplomats.
(b) A good army.
(c) Strong fortresses.
(d) Harsh Captains.

2. What is the proverb that Machiavelli reports the Samnites used on the Tuscans to encourage them to make war on the Roman Empire?
(a) "Peace (with Rome) was more of a burden to slaves than war is to free men."
(b) "Do you want to die as free men or live as slaves?"
(c) "What would you give to breath the air of free men."
(d) "Will you not trade you security for freedom."

3. What does Machiavelli identify as the three divisions of armies of his day?
(a) Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery.
(b) Cavalry, Vanguard, and Artillery.
(c) Vanguard, Battle Corps, and Rearguard.
(d) Battle Corps, Navy, and Ordinance.

4. What does Machiavelli identify as the cause of using dishonorable words against an enemy?
(a) Poor military tactics of the enemy.
(b) False hopes brought by victory.
(c) Poor discipline in the army.
(d) Corruption that leads to an enemy's defeat.

5. What does Machiavelli cite as Aristotle's three causes of ruin women bring on tyrants.
(a) The influence women have on men, children and families.
(b) Their seduction of tyrants, distracting their focus, and softening them with parental duties.
(c) Injury tyrants commit on women either by seduction, violence or corruption of marriages.
(d) The demands women make for wealth, food, and houses.

Short Answer Questions

1. What has Machiavelli considered many times to be the causes of good and bad fortunes to men?

2. How did Phillip of Macedonia avoid battles with Fabius Maximus?

3. Why does Machiavelli claim that Princes should not complain of faults of People under their authority?

4. What example does Machiavelli use to show how a Republic can handle a malady?

5. In the comparison between the tactics of Scipio and Hannibal, what does Machiavelli consider to be praiseworthy?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Machiavelli uses the word "esteemed" in reference to artillery and infantry, what does he mean?

2. Why does Machiavelli consider impetuosity and audacity to often be successful for a Prince to take a province that belongs to another Prince?

3. Why does Machiavelli believe, "that men born in a province observe for all time almost the same natures (Book 3, Section 43)?"

4. Why would there be much bloodshed in the cases that a Republic moves violently from tyranny to freedom?

5. Why does Machiavelli consider towns more difficult to conquer after the Citizens have been in rebellion?

6. Why does Machiavelli devote his longest section of "The Discourses" to discussing conspiracy?

7. What does Machiavelli recommend as the three methods of reuniting a City that has been divided?

8. Why does Machiavelli in Section 28 recommend that Citizens be allowed to obtain honors through public means, but prevented from seeking honors through private means?

9. Why does Machiavelli consider negotiating peace treaties with insurrectionists to be the most harmful method of ending conflicts in a City?

10. What does Machiavelli advise those who seek to change a Republic?

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