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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Book 3, Section 1, what does Machiavelli declare to be, "...a most true thing...."
(a) That, "...all the things of the world have to have an ending to their existence."
(b) That, "...the only thing we learn from history is we do not learn from history."
(c) That, "...regardless, all who rise suddenly will fall with the same rapidity."
(d) That, "...all will face death and taxes."

2. Why does Machiavelli admire Fabius Maximus for avoiding battles?
(a) Because he waited until the time for battle was in his favor.
(b) Because he did not have a sufficient number of soldiers.
(c) Because his soldiers were unqualified for battle.
(d) Because it gave the Senate time to negotiate a treaty.

3. When does Machiavelli advise Captains to try new things?
(a) While armies are engaged.
(b) When it is camped in the open field.
(c) When it is training.
(d) Never.

4. What opportunities come to Princes who take Machiavelli's advice in acting to take something from another Prince.
(a) The Prince who is being assaulted might make decisions fueled by anger.
(b) The Prince who is being assaulted will be imprisoned.
(c) The Prince who is being assualted will not be able to consult his Captains.
(d) The Prince who is being assaulted will have their army away from the City.

5. Who was esteemed as being wise for acting foolish from Livius' history of Rome?
(a) Octavious Brutus.
(b) Caesar Junius.
(c) Junius Brutus
(d) Junius Caesar.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Machiavelli consider to be necessary when restoring a Republic from a Tyranny?

2. What, according to Machiavelli, did Epaminondas the Theban claim was most necessary and useful for a Captain?

3. What does Machiavelli consider one of the most important reasons the Roman Empire was successful in expanding its borders?

4. What does Machiavelli predict comes to those Republics that are changed violently.

5. What is the reason Machiavelli claims Princes with weaker armies would rush into battle?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Machiavelli in Section 28 recommend that Citizens be allowed to obtain honors through public means, but prevented from seeking honors through private means?

2. What are two remedies that Machiavelli recommends in Book Three, section16 to prevent a City from becoming corrupted by periods of peace and wealth?

3. What are two reasons that Machiavelli claims men have a hard time changing with the times?

4. Why does Machiavelli recommend that any organization maintain itself by frequently renewing its founding principals?

5. Why does Machiavelli consider defending an army with fortifications useless with the artillery that was new to his day?

6. Why does Machiavelli warn Princes from using auxiliary soldiers from another Prince?

7. What is the advice that Machiavelli gives to Princes who take possessions from another Prince?

8. Why does Machiavelli consider negotiating peace treaties with insurrectionists to be the most harmful method of ending conflicts in a City?

9. Why did "Captains of Fortune" favor cavalry over infantry?

10. What does Machiavelli recommend to Captains as an element of strategy to assure success in capturing a town?

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