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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One, The Development of Rome's Constitution, The Use and Abuse of Dictatorship, The Road to Ruin, Sundry Reflections Based on the Decemvirate.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What should the reader consider as evil when Machiavelli is advising Princes to "recognize evils".
(a) Evil is those public reactions that oppose the Prince.
(b) Evil should be considered to be any influence which challenges the power of the Prince.
(c) Evil is anything with which a Prince does not agree.
(d) Evil is those human inclinations that cause them to act selfishly.

2. What did Machiavelli identify as the cause of conspiracy against a hereditary Princes?
(a) Less powerful people desired the power of the Prince.
(b) The larger population of citizens became unhappy with the the political preferences of the Princes.
(c) The general population became dissatisfied with the distribution of wealth.
(d) They degenerated from their fathers, and surpassed others in sumptuousness and lasciviousness and in every other kind of delight.

3. What does Machiavelli consider to be the worst example to be provided by leaders in a Republic?
(a) For leaders to choose weak captains.
(b) For leaders to make a law and refuse to observe it.
(c) For leaders to neglect the ordering of an army.
(d) For leaders to avoid harsh punishments for law breakers.

4. What does Machiavelli consider an important tool in maintaining the order of a Republic?
(a) Wars that keep the citizenry focused on supporting the City.
(b) Proper administration of rewards and punishments.
(c) Fear of harsh administrators.
(d) The ability to control the perceptions of citizens.

5. What are reasons Machiavelli cited for a group of people leaving their native country to seek a new home?
(a) Family strife and lack of work.
(b) Racial conflict and economic injustice.
(c) Overcrowding and social unrest.
(d) Pestilence, famine or war.

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Machiavelli in Section 1 of Book One, who are the two types of people who build cities?

2. Of what should Princes be most ashamed in Machiavelli's view?

3. According to Machiavelli, how did the Agrarian Laws violate the foundation of well-ordered Republics?

4. How does Machiavelli predict a citizen will conduct himself if he is not punished for his misdeeds because of his reputation for doing good deeds, according to Machiavelli.

5. From what did Machiavelli develop the information that he wrote into "The Discourses"?

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