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Book One, The Development of Rome's Constitution, Preface, The Best Form of Government, Religion, The Transition From Servitude to Freedom

• Machiavelli examines how Cities begin and particularly how Rome began.

• Machiavelli defines types of Republics and where Rome fit among the types.

• Events that led to the creation of the Tribune of Plebes and how it made Rome better are detailed by Machiavelli.

• Rivalries between Plebes and the Senate benefited the Republic according to Machiavelli.
• Machiavelli compares the ability of either the common citizen to that of the nobles for guarding liberty and investigates which of the two have the greater motivation to rebel based upon the desire to acquire or maintain.

• The potential to develop a government in Rome that could eliminate hostility between the Senate and the general public is examined by Machiavelli.

• Machiavelli credits court systems for sustaining liberty.

• Lies against individuals as being destructive...

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