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Short Answer Questions

1. What writing reveals that, as Lowe writes, "Kahlo came to her senses"?

2. Who is Xipe Totec?

3. What did Frida's students note about Frida's Spanish?

4. What does Frida label her cold climate image?

5. What object in one of her paintings is explained in Kahlo's letter to Lamba?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Fuentes characterize foreign invasions of Mexico?

2. Who does Kahlo write a "melancholy" letter to in her Diary?

3. Describe Frida's appearance, and the importance of her appearance, to Carlos Fuentes.

4. In what ways does Fuentes write that Kahlo mirrors the Revolution in her art?

5. In Frida's first string of words, which one is the one that Lowe singles out as the only word with a specific reference?

6. What characterized Frida's "poetry"?

7. What is in the image that Frida labels "The Phenomenon Unforseen"?

8. What does Kahlo connect to ink, and why does Lowe write that this is illuminating "with respect to her own creativity"?

9. How does Sarah M. Lowe describe Frida's intentions in creating her Diary? Given Frida's intentions, how does she understand the "act" of reading the Diary?

10. How does Fuentes describe the relationship between Kahlo's art and Surrealism?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Frida paints her dog, Mr. Xolotl, deer, and other animals in the Diary. What can be said of her depictions of animals? What can be said of her relationship with animals in general? How does this relationship compare with her relationship with other people?

Essay Topic 2

Fuentes writes that Frida was a member of the Communist party from an early age, but that her "politics, such as they were, could not be separated from the personality and the actions of Diego Rivera." Lowe writes that she understood Communism in a religious way. Based on both the text and images in her Diary, how do you think that Frida understood Communism?

Essay Topic 3

According to the Introductions by Fuentes and Lowe, Frida and Diego's relationship was complex. They both had affairs. They divorced. They remarried. Is there any evidence in Frida's own writing that the relationship was less than ideal? What evidence does she offer about her married life? How do you believe that this shaped her life and her art?

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