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Short Answer Questions

1. What object in one of her paintings is explained in Kahlo's letter to Lamba?

2. What does Frida write on the page that she fills with faces in bubbles?

3. Where did Carlos Fuentes first meet Frida?

4. As Frida's health declined, what does Lowe claim she painted more and more of?

5. As her health began to decline, what kinds of images did Frida create fewer of?

Short Essay Questions

1. What device does Lowe claim that Frida frequently uses? (She uses this for human forms, roots, and other organic figures.)

2. Who does Kahlo create a double portrait of? What images surround the portrait?

3. How does Fuentes describe the relationship between Kahlo's art and Surrealism?

4. Frida labels an image "I am DISINTEGRATION." What is happening in that image?

5. Why does Lowe claim that Frida included a bride in her painting The Bride Who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Open?

6. How does Fuentes compare the work of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo?

7. How does Frida begin her diary?

8. What is in the image that Frida labels "The Phenomenon Unforseen"?

9. In what ways does Fuentes write that Kahlo mirrors the Revolution in her art?

10. In what ways does Fuentes describe Mexico City of Frida's time as different from Mexico City today?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

According to the Introductions by Fuentes and Lowe, Frida and Diego's relationship was complex. They both had affairs. They divorced. They remarried. Is there any evidence in Frida's own writing that the relationship was less than ideal? What evidence does she offer about her married life? How do you believe that this shaped her life and her art?

Essay Topic 2

Frida paints death, writes of a friend's death, and of her own future death. Lowe notes that in one entry, she even paints herself "in the same position [as a skeleton] but in reverse, as the figure on the previous page. The two even share a shattered arm." What role does death in general play in the Diary? What does the Diary help us to understand about Frida's understanding of death?

Essay Topic 3

Fuentes writes that Frida conceives of "beauty as truth and self-knowledge. as becoming -- devenir -- [which] requires unblinking courage and is Kahlo's great legacy to the marginal, the invisible men and women of an increasingly faceless, anonymous planet..." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? How do you believe that Frida understands beauty? What evidence can you find for this in Sarah M. Lowe's introduction? What can you find in Frida's own writing?

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