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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What obsession does Frida reveal in a long list?
(a) Her obsession with Surrealism.
(b) Her obsession with cooking.
(c) Her obsession with Diego Rivera.
(d) Her obsession with red paint.

2. How does Lowe explain that reading the Diary may affect our viewing of Kahlo's paintings?
(a) We may see Frida as more human.
(b) We may understand just how much Frida lived in her husband's shadow.
(c) We may begin to grasp how much time Frida spent alone, and why she painted self-portraits.
(d) We may understand how physical pain limited Frida.

3. How did Kahlo paint Dorothy Hale?
(a) In her own husband's embrace.
(b) After a bloody fight.
(c) Nude, in a lush landscape.
(d) Jumping from a building.

4. What exercise does Frida do with colored pencils in the Diary?
(a) She creates a unique doodle with each color.
(b) She creates patterns with each color.
(c) She compares her use of the color with that of an artist friend.
(d) She free associates with each color.

5. One of the first images creates in her diary is "connect-the-dots ink drawing." Which of the following figures can be found in the drawing?
(a) A rainbow.
(b) The solar system.
(c) A dog.
(d) The Brooklyn Bridge.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Lowe write does Frida draw in the Diary and use in a painting titled Moses?

2. What writing reveals that, as Lowe writes, "Kahlo came to her senses"?

3. What is a retablo?

4. Which of the following describe the mood of Frida's depiction of her animals.

5. What year does Fuentes write that the Mexican Revolution began?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Kahlo connect to ink, and why does Lowe write that this is illuminating "with respect to her own creativity"?

2. What characterized Frida's "poetry"?

3. Why does Frida claim she was born in 1910?

4. Sarah M. Lowe writes about the acceptance of themes like "birthing or miscarriage" in Western art. How does this relate to Frida?

5. What device does Lowe claim that Frida frequently uses? (She uses this for human forms, roots, and other organic figures.)

6. Why does Lowe claim that Frida included a bride in her painting The Bride Who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Open?

7. What physical changes does Lowe write that the Diary documented?

8. In Frida's first string of words, which one is the one that Lowe singles out as the only word with a specific reference?

9. In what ways does Fuentes write that Kahlo mirrors the Revolution in her art?

10. How does Lowe describe Frida's planning process for the images in the Diary?

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