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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Carlos Fuentes claim he first met Frida Kahlo?
(a) He heard her.
(b) He smelled her perfume.
(c) He was introduced by a mutual friend.
(d) He had to ask her to take care of her dog.

2. What does Lowe write about Frida's relationships with women?
(a) She was constantly seeking female friends to discuss her marriage.
(b) She was competitive with women artists.
(c) She felt competition with women because her husband was romantically interested in her female friends.
(d) Some were consumated, while others were not.

3. What was Kahlo's relationship with Lamba?
(a) Lowe claims they were lovers.
(b) They were very close.
(c) Fuentes writes that they were competitors.
(d) They once studied together.

4. What does Lowe write that Surrealists believed "automatic drawing" was useful for?
(a) Party games.
(b) Accessing the subconscious.
(c) Creating new ways of looking at things.
(d) Finding surprising combinations.

5. What object in one of her paintings is explained in Kahlo's letter to Lamba?
(a) An apple.
(b) A mouse.
(c) A chapel.
(d) A bride.

6. What does Lowe claims motivate Kahlo's writing the Diary?
(a) "Understanding her complicated romantic life."
(b) "Doodling when she was in too much pain to paint formally."
(c) "Drafting what would later become formal paintings."
(d) "Negotiating her relationship to her self."

7. What does Lowe write that "naturaleza muerta" translates to in English?
(a) "Day of the Dead altar."
(b) "Natural death."
(c) "Still life."
(d) "Nature in death."

8. How does Fuentes characterize the kinds of escapes from reality Andre Breton "was legislating as law" in France compared to Latin America?
(a) As "unlikely to ever take hold."
(b) As "the law of life."
(c) As "needlessly ritualistic."
(d) As "small beer, comparatively speaking."

9. As Frida's health declined, what does Lowe claim she painted more and more of?
(a) Images of couples.
(b) Skeletons.
(c) Fruits and vegetables.
(d) Nudes.

10. Frida created an list of words beginning with the same letter. What letter did she use?
(a) A.
(b) X.
(c) C.
(d) M.

11. What significance does the figure of a foot have to Frida?
(a) Lowe claims it is an ancient Mayan symbol of fertility.
(b) Lowe writes it may be related to the pain in her right foot.
(c) Lowe writes that this was an inside joke that she had with Diego.
(d) Lowe claims that the foot has to do with Frida's desire to move more freely.

12. What does Fuentes write happened in September of 1925 that changed Frida's life?
(a) Her foot was amputated.
(b) An accident.
(c) She miscarried.
(d) She divorced for the first time.

13. What does Fuentes claim have been the worst traumas for Mexico?
(a) Corruption.
(b) Foreign interventions.
(c) Sexism in the arts.
(d) The Hacendado's abuses of power.

14. What civilizations does Lowe wright were part of Kahlo's understanding of her "personal past"?
(a) The Spanish.
(b) The Surrealists in France.
(c) The Olmecs, Aztecs, and Toltecs.
(d) The Mayans.

15. What style does Fuentes claim was "in tune with the tastes of the Mexican elite" around the turn of the century?
(a) A surrealist style that influenced architecture at the time.
(b) A German born style emphasizing contrast.
(c) An indigenous geometric style.
(d) An Italian ornate style.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kahlo liken to ink?

2. What "path" does Lowe write that Frida illuminates in this Diary?

3. What Tiffany art object does Carlos Fuentes describe?

4. What does Fuentes write that Frida experienced in a painting she created for the American Clare Booth Luce (which other Mexican artists also experienced when selling art to Americans)?

5. What does Lowe claim was the guiding principal behind Surrealism?

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