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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Fuentes write happened in September of 1925 that changed Frida's life?
(a) She divorced for the first time.
(b) An accident.
(c) Her foot was amputated.
(d) She miscarried.

2. What does Lowe write is a "favorite device" of Frida's?
(a) "Ink strokes that form an undulating mesh of lines."
(b) "Having a friend begin an image and quickly finishing it, in an attempt to bypass the logical, thinking mind."
(c) "Bringing interior physical forms to the surface, to show power relationships."
(d) "Spilling ink, then moving it around on the surface to create a Surrealist-style image."

3. Which of the following best describes the connection between entries in Frida's diary.
(a) They deal with the current trauma in her life.
(b) There is little continuity.
(c) They show her maturing, over the course of about 15 years.
(d) They are themed.

4. Where did Carlos Fuentes first meet Frida?
(a) In a restaurant called Sanborns.
(b) In the Alameda Park.
(c) At a Mexico City gallery called the Gallery of Mexican Art.
(d) In the Palace of Fine Arts.

5. What obsession does Frida reveal in a long list?
(a) Her obsession with Surrealism.
(b) Her obsession with Diego Rivera.
(c) Her obsession with red paint.
(d) Her obsession with cooking.

6. How did Kahlo paint Dorothy Hale?
(a) Jumping from a building.
(b) Nude, in a lush landscape.
(c) In her own husband's embrace.
(d) After a bloody fight.

7. Where does Lowe write that Frida's work was first taken seriously (where she "made a decisive shift from amateur to professional painter")?
(a) In Germany.
(b) On a trip to Puerto Rico.
(c) In Mexico City, where Ines Amor organized an important exhibit.
(d) In the United States.

8. What does Lowe write happened in Kahlo's life just before beginning the Diary?
(a) Her foot was amputated.
(b) Her father died.
(c) Diego had an affair with her aunt.
(d) Her house burned down.

9. Which of the following describe the mood of Frida's depiction of her animals.
(a) Humorous.
(b) Sadistic.
(c) Playful.
(d) Mournful.

10. What does Lowe notice about Kahlo's images of nude women?
(a) They are "strewn about in a vulgar manner," and they are "perhaps overly used."
(b) They are all painted in a very different manner from her own nude self-portraits.
(c) They are stronger figures than her vulnerable male nudes.
(d) They are "virtually never shown as objects of desire."

11. What does Fuentes cite Virgina Woolf as writing on pain?
(a) It is undescribable.
(b) It is deeply personal.
(c) It is the one thing that all humanity shares.
(d) It affects women more than men.

12. What does Lowe write that Surrealists believed "automatic drawing" was useful for?
(a) Creating new ways of looking at things.
(b) Party games.
(c) Accessing the subconscious.
(d) Finding surprising combinations.

13. Who does Lowe write "cemented" the association of Frida and Surrealism?
(a) Andre Breton.
(b) Diego Rivera.
(c) Jose Clemente Orozco.
(d) Jose Vasconcelos.

14. What does Frida write on the page that she fills with faces in bubbles?
(a) "How ugly people are!"
(b) "You can't take them anywhere."
(c) "Not a friendly face in the crowd!"
(d) "Must stay separate."

15. Which of the following techniques does Lowe write that Kahlo used?
(a) Random scratching to the paper.
(b) Ink spills.
(c) "Automatic," or free association games with human and animal body parts.
(d) Wax spills.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Kahlo liken to ink?

2. What does Lowe argue is Frida's overall feeling toward life?

3. Who did Frida write many letters to in the Diary?

4. Which of the following subjects does Frida mention in a letter to her husband in the Diary?

5. Which of the following best describe Lowe's tone in her writing about Kahlo?

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