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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Pages 156 to 183.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the "golden section," which Frida writes of as the "seccion de oro"?
(a) Part of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City.
(b) It is the way in which the golden rule, or "being as kind to others as you would like them to be to you," is described in Mexico.
(c) An equation that is "thought to be inherently harmonic."
(d) A way of breeding monkeys.

2. One of the first images creates in her diary is "connect-the-dots ink drawing." Which of the following figures can be found in the drawing?
(a) The solar system.
(b) A rainbow.
(c) The Brooklyn Bridge.
(d) A dog.

3. Who is the Olmedo that Kahlo refers to in the first few pages of her poem?
(a) Francisco Olmedo, a boyfriend from her youth.
(b) Dolores Olmedo, a friend.
(c) Juan Olmedo, a doctor.
(d) Ines Olmedo, a model.

4. What does Lowe write is associated in pre-Columbian mythology with the right foot?
(a) Rabbits.
(b) Fire.
(c) Deer.
(d) A full moon.

5. What exercise does Frida do with colored pencils in the Diary?
(a) She creates patterns with each color.
(b) She creates a unique doodle with each color.
(c) She free associates with each color.
(d) She compares her use of the color with that of an artist friend.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Frida write is the most precious thing?

2. Frida creates two images of death. One includes roots that above ground turn to flames. Which of the following best describes the mood of the image?

3. What does Frida label her cold climate image?

4. What does Frida write "is the most ridiculous thing 'man' has"?

5. What does Lowe write that it means when she paints her right foot?

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