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Short Answer Questions

1. What does the priest hear on a walk to Mezargues?

2. Why does the Cure de Torcy scold the priest regarding Mme la Comtesse?

3. Who informs the Cure de Torcy about the priest's death?

4. How does the priest spend the night after meeting with M. le Comte?

5. Of what does the priest convince Mme la Comtesse?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the priest note about his illness in Chapter 6?

2. Where does the priest go after his doctor's appointment in Lille?

3. Explain the irony of the doctor's physical health.

4. What happens after the priest regains consciousness?

5. In what circumstances does the priest feel youthful for the first time in his life?

6. What is odd about the way the priest is treated at the Chateau after the death of Mme la Comtesse?

7. What does the priest learn from the sacristan regarding the general perception people have of him?

8. What secret and personal pain does Mme la Comtesse reveal to the priest?

9. Describe the encounter between the priest and Mlle Chantal.

10. Describe the meeting between the priest and M. le Comte.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

What is the role of pride and arrogance in the young priest's life? Does he feel he is elevated in the eyes of the parishioners? In his own eyes? Why does he look down upon Louis Duprety who leaves the priesthood?

Essay Topic 2

Of all the people who have attempted to damage the young priest's reputation, Seraphita is the only one who actually makes amends. Why is this young girl the only person who has a conscious regarding the right and wrong of what she has done? Is it because the priest had acknowledged her potential and she is finally living up to it? Or has she received some intervention of grace?

Essay Topic 3

The young priest knows that something unusual is going on at the Chateau but he is reluctant to get involved in family matters without being asked. What is going on at the Chateau? Why do both Mlle Louise and Mlle Chantal seek out the priest on separate occasions? Which girl is telling the truth? Why?

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