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Short Answer Questions

1. The priest feels that the parishioners are full of ___________________.

2. What does the young priest feel about God in this difficult time?

3. Who has been gossiping about the young priest?

4. What upcoming event preoccupies the thoughts of the young priest?

5. What does the priest realize is leading him during his time with Mlle Chantal?

Short Essay Questions

1. What budget-related decision has the young priest reversed?

2. How does the young priest try to find a purpose for himself at the parish?

3. What is the Cure de Torcy's view on how the world would be a better place?

4. What information does Mlle Louise share with the priest and how does he feel about knowing it?

5. Who is Louis Duprety?

6. In addition to his illness, what indignity must the young priest now manage?

7. In addition to the injustice seen in Dr. Delbende's life, how else does the author show the theme of injustice in this chapter?

8. Who is Mlle Louise?

9. How does the young priest behave after he learns from the Cure de Torcy how the parishioners feel about him?

10. What is the Cure de Torcy's perspective on how Jesus views monks and priests?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Do a character sketch on the Cure de Torcy. What role does he play in the novel? What role does he play in the young priest's life?

Essay Topic 2

The young doctor considers suicide as a resolution for his health problems. Do you think he will go through with it? Why is that not an option for the priest? Is it because of fear of eternal damnation? Or the grace earned through suffering? Explain.

Essay Topic 3

The young priest experiences conflict between what he has learned and what he is experiencing? Explain the young priest's inner turmoil regarding money, ethics, faith, etc. as he had learned them and as he experiences them firsthand in the parish.

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