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Short Answer Questions

1. What decision does the young priest reverse?

2. What physical discomfort has the young priest experienced lately?

3. What does the housekeeper demand right away?

4. What is the housekeeper's personality?

5. The young priest says his parishioners are _____________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain the circumstances of the suspicion encircling the boy, Sulpice Mitonnet.

2. Explain Dr. Delbende's position on religion as he explains it to the young priest.

3. Explain the perceptions the young priest has of the people in the parish.

4. Describe the scenario when Mlle Chantal approaches the priest after mass one morning.

5. How does the young priest behave after he learns from the Cure de Torcy how the parishioners feel about him?

6. Dr. Delbende, the young priest's physician, dies from a gunshot wound which supposedly occurred while cleaning the gun. What is the unofficial story of the doctor's death?

7. How does the priest behave after he receives the letter requesting his resignation?

8. What role does his diary fill in the life of the young priest?

9. What information does Mlle Louise share with the priest and how does he feel about knowing it?

10. What is the premise of the novel, The Diary of a Country Priest?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The young doctor considers suicide as a resolution for his health problems. Do you think he will go through with it? Why is that not an option for the priest? Is it because of fear of eternal damnation? Or the grace earned through suffering? Explain.

Essay Topic 2

Another important theme in the book is injustice. Who are the characters who are most affected by injustice in life? How do these characters manage their lives? Do any of the characters rise above their situations or do they stay mired in the inequities of life?

Essay Topic 3

The young priest knows that something unusual is going on at the Chateau but he is reluctant to get involved in family matters without being asked. What is going on at the Chateau? Why do both Mlle Louise and Mlle Chantal seek out the priest on separate occasions? Which girl is telling the truth? Why?

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