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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes the priest feel uncomfortable?
(a) The instruments are too cold
(b) The doctor's arrogance
(c) Being naked
(d) The room is too hot

2. How does M. le Comte behave toward the priest?
(a) Hostile
(b) Very cold
(c) Bereaved
(d) Gracious

3. Why does the Cure de Torcy scold the priest regarding Mme la Comtesse?
(a) For letting her throw the memento of her son into the fire
(b) For not hearing the woman's confession
(c) For not writing down the notes from the meeting
(d) For not giving the woman the Last Rites

4. What does the canon warn the priest about regarding Mlle Chantal?
(a) She has a contagious disease
(b) She is hysterical about her mother's death
(c) She plans to make a big scene at the funeral
(d) Different stories about her meetings with the priest

5. What does M. le Comte tell the priest?
(a) That the priest is the cause for the recent upheaval in his home
(b) That he killed his wife
(c) That he wants to change the date of the funeral
(d) That he does not want a Catholic funeral

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the priest note about himself at the beginning of Chapter 6?

2. What does the doctor advise the priest to eat?

3. What is the only beverage the priest drinks now?

4. What does the priest contemplate at the beginning of Chapter 5?

5. What does Mlle Louise tell the priest that Mlle Chantal knows about him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the priest's diary entry on the night before he leaves for Lille?

2. What does the priest note about his illness in Chapter 6?

3. Explain the tragic irony of the events following the priest's visit with Mme la Comtesse.

4. Explain the irony of the doctor's physical health.

5. Why does Mlle Louise come to see the priest and what does he advise her?

6. What is the diagnosis of the young priest's disease?

7. How does the priest handle the matter of Mlle Chantal with Mme la Comtesse?

8. Explain how the situation with the medallion is the climax of the novel.

9. How does the priest attempt to break down the emotional barriers Mme la Comtesse has set up around herself?

10. Describe the encounter between the priest and Mlle Chantal.

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