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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Cure de Torcy tell the young priest about prayer?
(a) He should focus on praying to the Holy Spirit
(b) He should lead prayer groups in the evenings
(c) At least go through the motions until the sincerity returns
(d) He should pray the rosary twice a day

2. How does the priest keep track of recent events?
(a) Dictates to a secretary
(b) Records them
(c) Writes them in his diary
(d) Writes on napkins and scraps of paper

3. What has Seraphita done to her leg?
(a) Cut it while working
(b) Tied a string around it to cut off the circulation
(c) Broken it when falling into a ditch
(d) Scraped it by falling off her bike

4. What does Mlle Chantal tell M. le Comte in front of the priest?
(a) That the priest tried to seduce her
(b) That she hates her father
(c) To dismiss the governess, Mlle Louise, immediately
(d) That the music for the funeral has been decided

5. How does the priest feel that the mourners at the Chateau are talking about him?
(a) Secretly
(b) Maliciously
(c) Reverently
(d) Quietly

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the canon warn the priest about regarding Mlle Chantal?

2. What does M. le Comte find in the priest's papers that upsets him?

3. Why is Seraphita sad when she talks to the priest?

4. Where is the doctor that the young priest wants to see?

5. Why does Mlle Louise come to the priest in a disheveled state?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the state of the priest's health in Chapter 7?

2. In what ways does the canon attempt to help the young priest manage his life?

3. In addition to Mlle Chantal's behavior, what else has impacted Mme la Comtesse's life?

4. What does the priest note about his illness in Chapter 6?

5. What does the priest learn from the sacristan regarding the general perception people have of him?

6. What is the diagnosis of the young priest's disease?

7. What is the priest's diary entry on the night before he leaves for Lille?

8. Where does the priest go after his doctor's appointment in Lille?

9. In what circumstances does the priest feel youthful for the first time in his life?

10. How does the priest attempt to break down the emotional barriers Mme la Comtesse has set up around herself?

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