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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the priest need before the doctor can provide a diagnosis?
(a) An X-ray
(b) Blood tests
(c) A CAT scan
(d) A urine specimen

2. What does Mlle Louise tell the priest that Mlle Chantal knows about him?
(a) About his illness and his encounter with Seraphita in the lane
(b) That he puts sugar in his wine
(c) That he does not sleep much
(d) That he waters his wine

3. Why does the priest think most people are unhappy?
(a) They do not like themselves
(b) They don't make enough money
(c) They had bad childhoods
(d) They marry the wrong person

4. What does Mlle Chantal tell M. le Comte in front of the priest?
(a) To dismiss the governess, Mlle Louise, immediately
(b) That the music for the funeral has been decided
(c) That the priest tried to seduce her
(d) That she hates her father

5. What does the Cure de Torcy think about the young priest when he visits his home?
(a) He is genuinely kind
(b) He is inspired
(c) He needs therapy
(d) He must be an alcoholic

6. What does the act of throwing the medallion into the fire symbolize for Mme la Comtesse?
(a) Casting off disappointments and bitterness
(b) She wants some new jewelry
(c) She has a horrible temper
(d) She has gone mad

7. What is the only beverage the priest drinks now?
(a) Water
(b) Coffee
(c) Tea
(d) Wine

8. What secret does Mme la Comtesse tell the priest?
(a) She had a son who died at 18 months
(b) She was pregnant when she married
(c) Her husband is not the father of her daughter
(d) The family has run out of money

9. What does the Cure de Torcy tell the young priest about his stomach pains?
(a) It is all in his head
(b) He should take an antacid
(c) He should eat better
(d) He should see a specialist

10. How does M. le Comte behave toward the priest?
(a) Very cold
(b) Hostile
(c) Gracious
(d) Bereaved

11. What does the priest force Mme la Comtesse to acknowledge?
(a) The devil
(b) Her sins
(c) Her husband's sins
(d) God

12. What disease does the priest think he has?
(a) Consumption
(b) Diabetes
(c) Mesothelioma
(d) Heart Disease

13. What does the Cure de Torcy tell the priest about Mlle Chantal?
(a) She has fired the governess
(b) She has killed her father
(c) She eavesdropped on the conversation between the priest and her mother
(d) She has run away from home

14. What does the priest tell Mme la Comtesse about her daughter?
(a) She is pregnant
(b) She has run away
(c) She may try to harm herself
(d) She is in love with a boy at school

15. What does Mlle Chantal tell the priest about her mother?
(a) She killed her mother
(b) She is overwhelmed with grief
(c) She is glad her mother is dead
(d) She knows her mother's secrets

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the priest's doctor in Lille?

2. Where is the doctor that the young priest wants to see?

3. Why does the priest tell Seraphita that he is sad?

4. What does the priest ask the sacristan of the church later that day?

5. Who does the priest meet at Louis' house?

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