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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What surprising thing does the young priest do in a moment of self-pity?
(a) Drinks two bottles of wine
(b) Cries on the shoulder of a catechism student
(c) Refuses to hear confessions
(d) Schedules a vacation

2. What does Mlle Chantal speak about with the priest?
(a) Becoming a num
(b) Organizing a fundraiser
(c) Killing someone or herself
(d) Getting a scholarship

3. What was Mlle Louise's original career goal?
(a) Writer
(b) Nurse
(c) Teacher
(d) Nun

4. What does the priest think the parishioners think about him now?
(a) Unsure of him
(b) Unhappy with him
(c) Thrilled with him
(d) No opinion

5. What does the Dean of Blangermont chide the young priest about?
(a) His sermons
(b) His daily routine
(c) His teaching methods
(d) His debt

6. What have the children of the parish lost?
(a) Science books
(b) Soccer field
(c) Innocence
(d) School library

7. Who is Cure de Torcy?
(a) The local baker
(b) A seminary instructor
(c) The Archbishop
(d) An older fellow priest

8. What does the priest pause to reconsider?
(a) Why he is writing a diary
(b) Why he became a priest
(c) Why people don't come to church
(d) Why there is so much hate in the world

9. Who speaks to the young priest about his relationships with the parishioners?
(a) The Cure de Torcy
(b) The Mme la Comtesse
(c) M. Pamyre
(d) Dr. Delbende

10. Who is Sulpice Mitonnet?
(a) A farmer
(b) A groomsman
(c) A local baker
(d) A boy from the parish

11. What decision does the young priest make to keep expenses down?
(a) Does not heat the house in the winter
(b) Washes his own clothes
(c) Eats only one meal each day
(d) Does not hire a cleaning lady

12. What does the priest realize is leading him during his time with Mlle Chantal?
(a) A serious obligation
(b) A supernatual force
(c) An empathetic temper
(d) A stubborn streak

13. What is taking its toll on the young priest?
(a) Money problems
(b) The Bishop's admonitions
(c) Stress
(d) Gossip

14. What decision does the young priest reverse?
(a) To stay at the parish forever
(b) To keep a diary
(c) To have a cleaning lady
(d) To teach catechism

15. What does Mlle Louise tell the priest about Mlle Chantal?
(a) She is smoking in her room
(b) She is not studying at all
(c) She is becoming more difficult
(d) She is boy crazy

Short Answer Questions

1. What becomes of the young priest's sports group?

2. What could be any possible reasons for Dr. Delbende's suicide?

3. What does M le Comte warn the young priest about?

4. What is the nature of Louis Duprety's letter to the young priest?

5. What has happened to Dr. Delbende?

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