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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the priest tell Seraphita's mother about her daughter?
(a) She is a coquette
(b) She is a bully
(c) She is a scholar
(d) She is a good athlete

2. What topic seems to make the faces of the parishioners cloud over?
(a) School rankings
(b) God
(c) Repairs needed at the church
(d) Catechism classes

3. What causes more and more distress for the young priest?
(a) His old clothes
(b) Stomach pains
(c) Family illness
(d) Letters from home

4. What is the foundation of the young priest's plan?
(a) Visit every parish family at least once every three months
(b) Develop a fundraising initiative
(c) Increase the number of converts
(d) Increase the number of young men entering the priesthood

5. What upcoming event preoccupies the thoughts of the young priest?
(a) A visit from the Bishop
(b) A budget meeting
(c) Hearing confessions
(d) Lunch at the Chateau

6. What does the Cure de Torcy call the oleograph?
(a) Hideous
(b) Spectacular
(c) Inspiring
(d) Accurate

7. Why is Mlle Chantal being sent away to a boarding school?
(a) To get a rich husband
(b) To travel
(c) To preserve a secret
(d) To learn etiquette

8. Who is Maxim Gorki?
(a) A Russian dancer
(b) A Hungarian author
(c) A Russian government agent
(d) A Russian writer

9. What is taking its toll on the young priest?
(a) Gossip
(b) The Bishop's admonitions
(c) Stress
(d) Money problems

10. The priest feels that the parishioners are full of ___________________.
(a) loneliness
(b) dreams
(c) fear
(d) anger

11. The young priest says his parishioners are _____________________.
(a) heathens
(b) faithful
(c) bored stiff
(d) uneducated

12. What was Mlle Louise's original career goal?
(a) Teacher
(b) Writer
(c) Nurse
(d) Nun

13. How is the Cure de Torcy's bedroom furnished?
(a) Comfortably
(b) No furnishings
(c) Luxuriously
(d) Spartanly

14. How does the young priest feel about his work?
(a) He is really bored
(b) He is not accomplishing anything
(c) He prays for inspiration
(d) He is beginning to reach some of the parishoners

15. Who is M. Pamyre?
(a) The school principal
(b) The local grocer
(c) The head of the Knights of Columbus
(d) The postmaster

Short Answer Questions

1. What could be any possible reasons for Dr. Delbende's suicide?

2. What decision does the young priest make to keep expenses down?

3. Who does Mlle Chantal want to punish?

4. Who is Cure de Torcy?

5. What decision does the young priest reverse?

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