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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which child seems to hold some promise out of all the students?
(a) Gabrielle Lyons
(b) Seraphita Dumouchel
(c) Marie Claire
(d) Rose Delaney

2. What does the meeting with Mme Dumouchel make the young priest reconsider?
(a) His vocation as a priest
(b) His role in the catechism class
(c) The urgency of the church fundraiser
(d) The ranking of the school

3. Who has been gossiping about the young priest?
(a) The nuns
(b) The other priests
(c) The townspeople
(d) The school children

4. What does the priest tell Seraphita's mother about her daughter?
(a) She is a scholar
(b) She is a good athlete
(c) She is a coquette
(d) She is a bully

5. Who is M. Pamyre?
(a) The head of the Knights of Columbus
(b) The postmaster
(c) The local grocer
(d) The school principal

6. What does the priest write in his diary about his health at the beginning of Chapter 4?
(a) He has only a few months to live
(b) He is feeling better
(c) He is in horrible pain every day
(d) He is cured

7. What does the young priest feel about God in this difficult time?
(a) He rejects Him
(b) He has abandoned him
(c) He will provide inspiration when the time is right
(d) He is giving him the strength he needs

8. Who is Dr. Delbende?
(a) An economist
(b) A physician
(c) A scientist
(d) A surgeon

9. What is taking its toll on the young priest?
(a) The Bishop's admonitions
(b) Stress
(c) Money problems
(d) Gossip

10. The parishioners are waiting for ______________________.
(a) someone to lead them to safety and shelter
(b) the next pay day
(c) the return of Christ
(d) the weekend

11. What has happened to Dr. Delbende?
(a) He hanged himself
(b) He has moved to America
(c) He was killed in a gunshot accident
(d) He has retired

12. What does the young priest share at the area priests' monthly conference?
(a) Travel expenses
(b) Problems of his parishoners
(c) Food the housekeeper has prepared
(d) A new plan for managing his parish

13. About what sacrament does the young priest wonder regarding his parishioners intentions?
(a) Confession
(b) Baptism
(c) Last Rites
(d) Holy Communion

14. The young priest thinks that the elder priests _________________________________.
(a) are out of touch with the times
(b) are too strict
(c) are too tired to minister properly
(d) don't believe in the things they preach

15. What does the priest see in the confessional where nothing is ever clearly seen?
(a) Jesus' face
(b) Mlle Chantal's face
(c) A crucifix
(d) A rosary

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the young priest describe as the novel begins?

2. What does Mlle Chantal speak about with the priest?

3. What does Mlle Louise think she should do with Mlle Chantal?

4. What does Mlle Louise tell the priest about Mlle Chantal?

5. What is the housekeeper's personality?

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