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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decision does the young priest make to keep expenses down?
(a) Washes his own clothes
(b) Does not hire a cleaning lady
(c) Does not heat the house in the winter
(d) Eats only one meal each day

2. Who is Sulpice Mitonnet?
(a) A boy from the parish
(b) A farmer
(c) A groomsman
(d) A local baker

3. What is taking its toll on the young priest?
(a) The Bishop's admonitions
(b) Money problems
(c) Gossip
(d) Stress

4. How does the young priest feel about his work?
(a) He is beginning to reach some of the parishoners
(b) He is really bored
(c) He prays for inspiration
(d) He is not accomplishing anything

5. What does the priest pause to reconsider?
(a) Why there is so much hate in the world
(b) Why he is writing a diary
(c) Why people don't come to church
(d) Why he became a priest

6. Where did the Cure de Torcy attend seminary school?
(a) College of William and Mary
(b) Saint Sebastian of the Woods
(c) Saint-Sulpice
(d) Notre Dame

7. The Cure de Torcy says a priest should not so much seek __________________________ as to be honored and respected.
(a) compensation
(b) to be loved
(c) to be emulated
(d) worldly goods

8. What does the young priest describe as the novel begins?
(a) His education
(b) His childhood
(c) His parish
(d) His love of God

9. What does the young priest feel men must do to have honor and respect?
(a) Become a priest
(b) Go to confession
(c) Earn the right
(d) Teach catechism

10. Who has been gossiping about the young priest?
(a) The nuns
(b) The school children
(c) The other priests
(d) The townspeople

11. The young priest serves as the __________ of the story.
(a) narrator
(b) comic
(c) moral
(d) antagonist

12. Who does the priest think is the author of the letter?
(a) Sulpice Mitonnet
(b) Dr. Delbende
(c) Mme Dumouchel
(d) Madame Pegriot

13. The young priest thinks that the elder priests _________________________________.
(a) are too tired to minister properly
(b) are out of touch with the times
(c) don't believe in the things they preach
(d) are too strict

14. What does the Cure de Torcy believe about Dr. Delbende's death?
(a) He may have shot himself
(b) He had not left a will
(c) He had not been baptized
(d) He was too young to die

15. What surprising thing does the young priest do in a moment of self-pity?
(a) Refuses to hear confessions
(b) Schedules a vacation
(c) Cries on the shoulder of a catechism student
(d) Drinks two bottles of wine

Short Answer Questions

1. What was Mlle Louise's original career goal?

2. What decision does the young priest reverse?

3. In what area does the Cure de Torcy encourage the young priest?

4. What does the priest now put in his wine?

5. What decision does the young priest's housekeeper make?

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