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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When would the young priest be allowed to address the offending topic?
(a) With the Bishop
(b) With other priests
(c) When the housekeeper has gone
(d) In confession

2. Who is Cure de Torcy?
(a) The Archbishop
(b) An older fellow priest
(c) The local baker
(d) A seminary instructor

3. According to the Cure de Torcy, Jesus is not as happy with _____________ as He is with priests.
(a) lay people
(b) monks
(c) atheists
(d) criminals

4. Who is M. Pamyre?
(a) The head of the Knights of Columbus
(b) The local grocer
(c) The school principal
(d) The postmaster

5. The young priest serves as the __________ of the story.
(a) antagonist
(b) comic
(c) moral
(d) narrator

Short Answer Questions

1. Who speaks to the young priest about his relationships with the parishioners?

2. With what had Mme la Comtesse been suffering for quite awhile?

3. What does the young priest teach the children of the parish?

4. What have the children of the parish lost?

5. How does the priest feel that the mourners at the Chateau are talking about him?

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