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The Diary

This is a child's copy book that the priest uses to write down the happenings of his parish, conversations he has with others as well as his thoughts and feelings.

The Picture of the Baby Jesus

This colored print, which the priest describes as "hideous," was a gift to the Curé de Torcy by his Flemish grandmother.

Three Bottles of Elderberry Wine

The grocer, M. Pamyre, offers these to the priest.

The Château

This is the home of the M. le Comte and Mme la Comtesse as well as their daughter Mlle Chantal.

The Gesvre Road

It was at this location the idea for his diary keeping was born.

The Medallion

This is a piece of jewelry worn by Mme la Comtesse to hold a lock of her infant son's hair.

Louis Dupréty's Home

It is here the priest dies of stomach cancer.

The Lane Outside the Dumouchel Home

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