The Diary of a Country Priest Fun Activities

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Dear Diary

Have the students emulate the priest's commitment to his diary by writing their own diaries for at least for a month. The resulting work can be self-published and shared too, if appropriate.

French Travelogue

Create a travelogue about France, the country where the young priest lives. Be sure to include highlights of attractions, events and natural resources that will appeal to people considering a trip to this country.

Catholics for a Day

If appropriate for your school, spend a class period learning about Catholic beliefs either from books or from a visit from a local priest or religious lay person.

Sleepless Nights

The young priest spent many sleepless nights because of distractions with his parish. Have the students come up with ideas that the young priest could have done while waiting for sleep.

The Morning After

Have the students come to class as if they had...

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