The Diary of a Country Priest Character Descriptions

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The Priest

This person is the main character of the novel and narrates the action of the story.

M. Pamyre

This character embarrasses the priest because of elderberry wine.

Curé de Torcy

This character is the main source of support for the young priest.

Madame Pégriot

The priest buys new undergarments before this character arrives.

Mlle Louise

The priest advises this character to have some pride and move away from the town.

Mlle Chantal

This character may be sent away to finishing school.

Seraphita Dumouchel

This character seems to enjoy making the priest feel self-conscious.

Mme la Comtesse

This character dies unexpectedly after a visit from the young priest.

Louis Dupréty

This character believes the priest is the only one who understands him.

Dr. Delbende

This character is a professed atheist although he once had dreams of becoming a missionary.

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