The Diary of a Country Priest Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter 1

• A young priest is assigned to Ambricourt, a country parish where the people are bored and lonely.

• The priest notes his reasons for keeping a journal as a form of prayer.

• The priest has money problems and is embarrassed by a local grocer and by the fact that he does not have a live-in housekeeper.

• An older priest, the Cure de Torcy, advises the young priest to work hard but realize his limitations.

• The priest is surprised by the Cure de Torcy's luxurious accommodations
• The priest hires a cleaning lady whose pay is supplemented by the wealthiest parishioner.

Chapter 2

• The priest meets with Mlle Louise, the governess to Mlle Chantal at the Chateau.

• The priest develops a catechism class for the students.

• The priest determines that the children have lost their innocence and are hardened by the world.

• One girl, Seraphita Dumouchel, has much potential but she...

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