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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Carl Hollywood discover has been implanted in everyone's blood by the Drummers?

2. At the Cathay Hotel, what do Carl Hollywood's friends propose to Miranda?

3. When Nell sees Colonel Napier falling asleep, what does she decide to do?

4. In the Primer, how many castles must Princess Nell visit to recover what was stolen from her by the crow?

5. At the Cathay Hotel, what does Beck invite Miranda to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. When Nell is called to Mrs. Matheson's deathbed in "From the Primer, a Visit to Castle Turing," what does the woman say to Nell that seems to foreshadow future events?

2. In "Hackworth Receives an Ambiguous Message," after Hackworth finds a message telling him to seek the Alchemist, what unusual event occurs?

3. In "Miranda Receives an Unusual Ractive Message," what scheme does she enter into?

4. In "From the Primer, Princess Nell Crosses the Trail of the Enigmatic Mouse Army," when grown-up Nell visits her ailing brother, Harv, what message does he share with her?

5. In "Hackworth Is Brought Up-to-Date by the Great Napier," what does Hackworth realize about the Drummers' activities?

6. In "A New Friend," what does the red-headed woman explain to Nell and Harv about the activities of the citizens of Dovetail?

7. In "Carl Hollywood's Activities at the Parnasse," why is Miranda so interested in the technical aspects of the Primer's interactive features?

8. In "Carl Hollywood's Hack," how do Carl Hollywood's activities in a teahouse begin to tie together the various main characters and plots in the novel?

9. In "Carl Hollywood Returns to Shanghai," what is the significance of his efforts to connect Miranda to the other information he has gathered?

10. In "Nell Goes to Madame Ping's Theatre," what brings Nell to the conclusion that the wall between reality and fiction is fragile?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In "The Diamond Age", Confucianism is portrayed as a philosophy involving decentralization and democracy, while Neo-Victorianism is portrayed as a philosophy involving centralized control and a hierarchy of status. Compare and contrast these two philosophies.

Essay Topic 2

Describe several ways in which Nell's Primer gives her the parental love, guidance, and protection that Nell never received from her real mother.

Essay Topic 3

The author uses performances throughout the novel to propel the action, including ractor interactions in the Primer, theatrical plays, passives, actives, mediatrons, trance-like rituals, and scripted brothel fantasies. Discuss the author's use of drama within drama to forward the plot of "The Diamond Age".

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