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Short Answer Questions

1. When Carl Hollywood meets with Lord Finkle-McGraw, what does Lord Finkle-McGraw say regarding Elizabeth?

2. Describe the woman at the center of the Drummer ritual.

3. The workers of Dovetail produce goods for whom?

4. In China, Hackworth meets with Dr. X in what sort of building?

5. After leaving Dr. X to travel to Shanghai, who does Hackworth find himself riding with?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Carl Hollywood's Activities at the Parnasse," why is Miranda so interested in the technical aspects of the Primer's interactive features?

2. In "Hackworth Receives an Ambiguous Message," after Hackworth finds a message telling him to seek the Alchemist, what unusual event occurs?

3. "From the Primer, Princess Nell's Ride to the Castle of King Coyote" contains what fantastical event that foreshadows future happenings in the novel?

4. In "General Description of Life with the Constable," why does Constable Moore relive his past experiences through mediatrons?

5. What are the three Graces taught at the Academy, and which Grace gives the students the most trouble?

6. Part Two of the novel opens with what sort of bizarre ritual?

7. In "A New Friend," what does the red-headed woman explain to Nell and Harv about the activities of the citizens of Dovetail?

8. In "The Hackworths Have a Family Reunion," at the end of the tense meeting between Hackworth and Gwendolyn, what important event occurs?

9. In the final scene of the novel when Nell rescues Miranda from the Drummers, how are various subplots tied together into one cohesive whole?

10. In "Carl Hollywood Takes the Oath," why is he allowed to join the elite Atlantis phyle and gain acceptance from Lord Finkle-McGraw?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the impact that the three interactive Primers had on Nell, Elizabeth, and Fiona. How did the Primers affect their important life-decisions?

Essay Topic 2

Discuss the author's use of wordplay in "The Diamond Age" to further his points and entertain the reader. Examples to consider include: Hackworth, who hacks; phyle, a filing system for citizens; and the Flea Circus, for counterfeiting with mites.

Essay Topic 3

Give several examples of foreshadowing in "The Diamond Age". Discuss how the author uses that foreshadowing to advance the plot and increase the reader's understanding of the issues at hand.

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