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Short Answer Questions

1. When Chang shows the robbery video to Hackworth, in which his illegal copy of the Primer was stolen, what does Hackworth do?

2. What modification does Judge Fang ask Hackworth to make to the Primer, against Hackworth's better judgment?

3. What is the common name for the grid of microscopic sensors implanted in the bodies of ractors?

4. What job does Miranda leave in order to become a ractor?

5. The granddaughter of Lord Finkle-McGraw and the daughter of Hackworth attend a birthday party for whom?

Short Essay Questions

1. In "Nell's Further Experiences with the Primer," how does the Primer reveal its ability to empathize with Nell and adapt to her needs?

2. In "Hackworth Presents the Primer to Lord Finkle-McGraw," why is Lord Finkle-McGraw unable to make the book function?

3. As described in "Miranda," what is a full "Jodie" and why does Miranda go through sixteen hours of torture to obtain one?

4. At the gates of Dovetail in "A Morning Stroll Through the Leased Territories," what special skill from the Primer does Nell use to gain the trust and respect of Constable Moore, who guards the town?

5. When Judge Fang and his associates visit the Leased Territories in "Judge Fang Visits His District," what do they learn about the two groups of mites that are patrolling the area?

6. Describe the adventures and misadventures of Harv and Nell with the matter compiler in "Nell Learns to Work the Matter Compiler," with regard to making mattresses.

7. In "Hackworth Receives an Unexpected Visit from Inspector Chang," how does Chang exhibit Confucian ideals in his dealings with Hackworth?

8. Compare Judge Fang's treatment of the young boy on trial in "A Young Hooligan before the Court of Judge Fang" with his treatment of Bud earlier in the novel.

9. In "Bud Is Prosecuted," how does the trial and sentencing of Bud illuminate the Confucian system of justice that Judge Fang follows?

10. In "Judge Fang Pays a Visit to the Celestial Kingdom," why is the conversation between Judge Fang and Dr. X vague and inconcrete?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Given there are no countries with boundaries in "The Diamond Age", what new boundaries have been created to restrict citizens? Can these boundaries ever be crossed? Which characters, if any, manage to cross these non-geographic boundaries?

Essay Topic 2

What are the three Graces, as taught at Miss Matheson's Academy of the Three Graces? Why are the three Graces important? Why is the teaching of one particular Grace so difficult and contrary to its name?

Essay Topic 3

Describe several ways in which Nell's Primer gives her the parental love, guidance, and protection that Nell never received from her real mother.

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