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Short Answer Questions

1. Nell learns how to light a fire while reading what story in the Primer?

2. For what company does Hackworth work?

3. After Dr. X guides his ship into the jurisdiction of Judge Fang, what does Dr. X offer to do?

4. The Causeway is a bridge connecting what two areas?

5. Judge Fang's prisoner, PhyrePhox, is accused of belonging to which criminal gang?

Short Essay Questions

1. As described in "Miranda," what is a full "Jodie" and why does Miranda go through sixteen hours of torture to obtain one?

2. In "Nell's Further Experiences with the Primer," how does the Primer reveal its ability to empathize with Nell and adapt to her needs?

3. What is the significance of Hackworth's actions in "Hackworth Compiles the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer?"

4. In "Judge Fang Pays a Visit to the Celestial Kingdom," why is the conversation between Judge Fang and Dr. X vague and inconcrete?

5. As explained in "Miranda Takes an Interest in an Anonymous Client," how does Nell's interaction with her Primer differ from that of other children?

6. In "From the Primer, the Arrival of a Sinister Baron," when Nell and Harv are abused by their mother's newest lover, Burt, how do both Nell and Miranda use the Primer to help Nell?

7. When Bud visits the Peacock Bank in "Financial Complications of Bud's Lifestyle," what does he learn about credit and how defaults are handled?

8. In "Hackworth Departs from Shanghai," what special reason does Hackworth have for giving a copy of the Primer to Fiona?

9. At the gates of Dovetail in "A Morning Stroll Through the Leased Territories," what special skill from the Primer does Nell use to gain the trust and respect of Constable Moore, who guards the town?

10. In "Hackworth's Dilemma," what is Hackworth's dilemma?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the motives of Lord Finkle-McGraw and Hackworth in working to procure Primers for the little girls they love.

Essay Topic 2

The author uses performances throughout the novel to propel the action, including ractor interactions in the Primer, theatrical plays, passives, actives, mediatrons, trance-like rituals, and scripted brothel fantasies. Discuss the author's use of drama within drama to forward the plot of "The Diamond Age".

Essay Topic 3

In "The Diamond Age", Confucianism is portrayed as a philosophy involving decentralization and democracy, while Neo-Victorianism is portrayed as a philosophy involving centralized control and a hierarchy of status. Compare and contrast these two philosophies.

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