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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the common name for the grid of microscopic sensors implanted in the bodies of ractors?
(a) A full Julie.
(b) A full Angelina.
(c) A full Jodie.
(d) A full Demi.

2. In "Princess Nell in the City of King Magpie," how does a lesson from the Primer help Nell in real life?
(a) The Primer warns Nell not to trust Harv.
(b) The Primer teaches Nell how to swim.
(c) The Primer teaches Nell not to go off with a convincing stranger.
(d) The Primer teaches Nell how to build a fire.

3. When Chang shows the robbery video to Hackworth, in which his illegal copy of the Primer was stolen, what does Hackworth do?
(a) Hackworth tries to escape, but is arrested.
(b) Hackworth tries to bribe Chang.
(c) Hackworth runs and escapes arrest.
(d) Hackworth denies any knowledge of a robbery.

4. What false information is given to Hackworth to lure him to the Flea Circus?
(a) Hackworth is told that Lord Finkle-McGraw is a friend of Dr. X.
(b) Hackworth is told that Judge Fang has the stolen copy of the Primer.
(c) Hackworth is told that Dr. X has the stolen copy of the Primer.
(d) Hackworth is told that Lord Finkle-McGraw plans to turn Hackworth over to Judge Fang.

5. "The Diamond Age" is set in what era?
(a) The late twenty-second century.
(b) The late twenty-first century.
(c) The early twenty-second century.
(d) The early twenty-first century.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Judge Fang notice about the hat that was recovered from a recent robbery?

2. When Nell reads the Primer for the second time, who frees Princess Nell and her friends from the castle?

3. Where do Peacock Bank customers keep their credit cards?

4. Why does Judge Fang decide to leave the Primer with Nell even though it is stolen property?

5. Judge Fang's prisoner, PhyrePhox, is accused of belonging to which criminal gang?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the significance of Hackworth's actions in "Hackworth Compiles the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer?"

2. Describe the birthday party of Princess Charlotte in "A Visit from Royalty," and explain how it further describes one aspect of nanotechnology.

3. In "The Torture Chamber of Judge Fang," what is unusual about the torture and the prisoner's response to that torture?

4. In "Mysterious Souvenir from Dr. X," what amazing device does Hackworth receive when he inserts a card into a matter compiler?

5. As described in "Miranda," what is a full "Jodie" and why does Miranda go through sixteen hours of torture to obtain one?

6. In "Hackworth Departs from Shanghai," what special reason does Hackworth have for giving a copy of the Primer to Fiona?

7. In "Miranda's Reactions to the Evening's Events," what selfless act does Dinosaur perform and why?

8. Describe the emotional state of Hackworth in "Hackworth's Morning Ruminations".

9. At the gates of Dovetail in "A Morning Stroll Through the Leased Territories," what special skill from the Primer does Nell use to gain the trust and respect of Constable Moore, who guards the town?

10. In "Particulars of Nell's Domestic Situation," what happens when Harv brings home a scrap of woven fabric he found by the sea?

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