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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are passives?
(a) Harmless mites.
(b) Old movies.
(c) High-tech movies.
(d) Sedated activists.

2. What modification does Judge Fang ask Hackworth to make to the Primer, against Hackworth's better judgment?
(a) Allow the Primer to be used by hundreds of thousands of Chinese children.
(b) Allow the Primer to be used by adults.
(c) Insert more Victorian teachings.
(d) Disable the Primer.

3. Why does Hackworth believe it took two years to track down the location of the Primer?
(a) The tracking mechanism may have been removed.
(b) It probably remained inside a building during that period.
(c) The person reading the Primer took precautions to keep it hidden.
(d) The tracking mechanism may have been malfunctioning.

4. In "More Tales from the Primer," how does Nell use the lessons taught by Dinosaur to Princess Nell to help herself in real life?
(a) Nell overpowers her brother.
(b) Nell overpowers a stronger child in the playroom.
(c) Nell beats her brother at a game.
(d) Nell overpowers her mother's new boyfriend.

5. In what way is Miranda surprised regarding her role in the Princess Nell ractive?
(a) She is surprised that the client can afford to pay for so many hours of her services.
(b) She is surprised that the child is spending so little time with her ractive.
(c) She is surprised by the great amount of time the child is spending with her ractive.
(d) She is surprised that the Primer has been duplicated.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Nell and Harv are beaten by their mother's newest partner, how does Nell incorporate the event into her Primer?

2. In the torture chanber, PhyrePhox admits that his organization's ship carries what cargo?

3. What does Harv do when he returns to see what Nell has done with the matter compiler?

4. After their dinner cruise, what does Judge Fang agree to do to help Dr. X?

5. When Nell reads the Primer alone in her room, who becomes its main character?

Short Essay Questions

1. As explained in "Hackworth in the Hong of Dr. X," why does Dr. X have such an unusual name, and what is his profession?

2. What is the significance of Hackworth's actions in "Hackworth Compiles the Young Lady's Illustrated Primer?"

3. In "Nell and Harv's General Living Situation," why does Harv warn Nell about bad people, and what does he compare them to?

4. In "Particulars of Nell's Domestic Situation," what happens when Harv brings home a scrap of woven fabric he found by the sea?

5. When Bud visits the Peacock Bank in "Financial Complications of Bud's Lifestyle," what does he learn about credit and how defaults are handled?

6. Compare Judge Fang's treatment of the young boy on trial in "A Young Hooligan before the Court of Judge Fang" with his treatment of Bud earlier in the novel.

7. Describe the emotional state of Hackworth in "Hackworth's Morning Ruminations".

8. In "Hackworth Departs from Shanghai," what special reason does Hackworth have for giving a copy of the Primer to Fiona?

9. In "The Torture Chamber of Judge Fang," what is unusual about the torture and the prisoner's response to that torture?

10. In "From the Primer, the Arrival of a Sinister Baron," when Nell and Harv are abused by their mother's newest lover, Burt, how do both Nell and Miranda use the Primer to help Nell?

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