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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Nell reads the Primer for the second time, who frees Princess Nell and her friends from the castle?
(a) A raven.
(b) A duck.
(c) A prince.
(d) Harv.

2. What does Harv do when he returns to see what Nell has done with the matter compiler?
(a) Harv sends the broken matter compiler into the recycler.
(b) Harv tells his mother about Nell's mischief.
(c) Harv repairs the matter compiler.
(d) Harv sends the extra items into the recycler.

3. What advice does Carl Hollywood give to Miranda after she expresses concern about her role in Nell's Primer?
(a) He says Miranda should find a new ractor to take over her role in the Primer.
(b) He says that if Nell is still alive, she will need Miranda.
(c) He says Miranda should try to find the real-life Nell.
(d) He says Miranda should stop worrying about Nell.

4. What does Nell do with the matter compiler after her brother leaves the house?
(a) Nell breaks the matter compiler.
(b) Nell generates enough mattresses to fill the room.
(c) Nell destroys the gift her brother made.
(d) Nell generates a month's worth of food.

5. How does the banker explain to Bud the penalties for missing payments on a line of credit?
(a) He says Bud's credit card would self-destruct.
(b) He points to a group of prisoners assembling jewelry.
(c) He explains that Bud's skull gun would be removed.
(d) He indicates a group of prisoners digging ditches.

Short Answer Questions

1. Judge Fang believes that the two groups of mites searching for Nell's Primer were designed by whom?

2. In "Nell and Harv's General Living Situation," Harv warns Nell that there are bad people where?

3. What do the guards do to incapacitate Bud, after his assault and robbery, until the constable arrives?

4. In the Primer, when Princess Nell returns with twelve keys to rescue Harv, what happens to Harv?

5. What are passives?

Short Essay Questions

1. As explained in "Hackworth in the Hong of Dr. X," why does Dr. X have such an unusual name, and what is his profession?

2. Describe Nell's early experiences with her Primer, as depicted in "Harv Brings Nell a Present."

3. When Bud visits a mod parlor, what upgrade does he choose and what sort of technology is involved?

4. At the gates of Dovetail in "A Morning Stroll Through the Leased Territories," what special skill from the Primer does Nell use to gain the trust and respect of Constable Moore, who guards the town?

5. In "Judge Fang Pays a Visit to the Celestial Kingdom," why is the conversation between Judge Fang and Dr. X vague and inconcrete?

6. In "Hackworth Presents the Primer to Lord Finkle-McGraw," why is Lord Finkle-McGraw unable to make the book function?

7. Describe the emotional state of Hackworth in "Hackworth's Morning Ruminations".

8. In "Hackworth's Dilemma," what is Hackworth's dilemma?

9. When Bud visits the Peacock Bank in "Financial Complications of Bud's Lifestyle," what does he learn about credit and how defaults are handled?

10. In "Miranda's Reactions to the Evening's Events," what selfless act does Dinosaur perform and why?

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