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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are passives?
(a) Old movies.
(b) High-tech movies.
(c) Harmless mites.
(d) Sedated activists.

2. After Miranda intervenes in the Primer's story to help Nell avoid danger, where does Miranda go?
(a) A teahouse on an island.
(b) Atlantis/Shanghai.
(c) The Flea Circus.
(d) A bar in the Theatre Parnasse.

3. What does the Constable at the gates of Dovetail warn Miranda to do?
(a) Avoid speaking in an elevated Victorian manner.
(b) Avoid contact with Brad.
(c) Avoid speaking in the manner of Thetes.
(d) Keep her Primer hidden.

4. Why does Judge Fang decide to leave the Primer with Nell even though it is stolen property?
(a) Books are unimportant to Hackworth.
(b) Judge Fang plans to secretly steal the Primer from Nell.
(c) Books are unimportant to Judge Fang.
(d) Books are more important to children than to adults.

5. What job does Miranda leave in order to become a ractor?
(a) Engineer.
(b) Matter compiler.
(c) Maid.
(d) Waitress.

6. In "Princess Nell in the City of King Magpie," how does a lesson from the Primer help Nell in real life?
(a) The Primer teaches Nell how to swim.
(b) The Primer warns Nell not to trust Harv.
(c) The Primer teaches Nell how to build a fire.
(d) The Primer teaches Nell not to go off with a convincing stranger.

7. In the Primer, the Dark Castle is guarded by whom?
(a) Mites.
(b) Thetes.
(c) Trolls.
(d) Constables.

8. What do the guards do to incapacitate Bud, after his assault and robbery, until the constable arrives?
(a) Shrink-wrap him with their special guns.
(b) Handcuff him using nanotechnology.
(c) Detain him with brute force.
(d) Wound him with their spray guns.

9. In the Primer, how are Princess Nell and Harv brought to their adoptive parents?
(a) By mermaids who found them floating at sea.
(b) By a sea monster who carried them to shore.
(c) By a raven who flew them across the sea.
(d) By several animal friends who found them in the forest.

10. What is Hackworth's code name for the Illustrated Primer project?
(a) Bespoke.
(b) Primer.
(c) Thete.
(d) Runcible.

11. What does Hackworth say allows the Primer to be more flexible, albeit more costly?
(a) Mites.
(b) Nanobytes.
(c) Ractors.
(d) Leather binding.

12. In the Primer, what does Dinosaur tell the children to do after the Baron falls asleep drunk?
(a) Find their stepmother.
(b) Flee.
(c) Attack him with a screwdriver.
(d) Hide his alcohol.

13. In what way is Miranda surprised regarding her role in the Princess Nell ractive?
(a) She is surprised that the client can afford to pay for so many hours of her services.
(b) She is surprised that the Primer has been duplicated.
(c) She is surprised by the great amount of time the child is spending with her ractive.
(d) She is surprised that the child is spending so little time with her ractive.

14. Where do Peacock Bank customers keep their credit cards?
(a) Custom wallets with electronic locks.
(b) The bank does not issue credit cards.
(c) Mounted on a bone near the surface of the skin.
(d) Implanted inside a skull gun.

15. Nell learns how to light a fire while reading what story in the Primer?
(a) Princess Nell's adoptive parents teaching her and Harv how to light a fire.
(b) Harv lighting a fire to keep trolls away at night.
(c) Princess Nell and Harv camping in the woods.
(d) Harv preparing a meal for Princess Nell.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the banker explain to Bud the penalties for missing payments on a line of credit?

2. In "Nell Sees Something Peculiar", why is everything covered in black dust?

3. Bud steals money from a family who are members of what?

4. What does Harv do when he returns to see what Nell has done with the matter compiler?

5. Judge Fang's prisoner, PhyrePhox, is accused of belonging to which criminal gang?

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