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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Harv Brings Nell a Present | Nell's First Experience with the Primer | A Young Hooligan before the Court of Judge Fang.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the fate of Bud, following his trial for mugging and wounding a man?
(a) He is remotely executed, without warning, by the explosion of microscopic bombs running through his blood.
(b) He is shrink-wrapped and sent to prison.
(c) He is executed by skull gun.
(d) He is found innocent of all charges.

2. What does Harv do when he returns to see what Nell has done with the matter compiler?
(a) Harv sends the broken matter compiler into the recycler.
(b) Harv repairs the matter compiler.
(c) Harv sends the extra items into the recycler.
(d) Harv tells his mother about Nell's mischief.

3. When Hackworth visits the office of Dr. X, where does Dr. X forage for mites?
(a) Code for the Primer.
(b) Flesh from Hackworth's palm.
(c) Flesh from Hackworth's forehead.
(d) A matter compiler.

4. What is Hackworth's code name for the Illustrated Primer project?
(a) Runcible.
(b) Thete.
(c) Bespoke.
(d) Primer.

5. In "Harv Brings Nell a Present," what happens when Tequila's boyfriend throws the Primer at Nell?
(a) The Primer avoids hitting Nell.
(b) The Primer hits Tequila's boyfriend.
(c) The Primer knocks Nell to the ground.
(d) The Primer hits Tequila.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Harv brings a stolen Primer to Nell, why does she throw it on the floor?

2. What do the guards do to incapacitate Bud, after his assault and robbery, until the constable arrives?

3. What is the function of Source Victoria?

4. When Nell reads the Primer alone in her room, who becomes its main character?

5. Lord Finkle-McGraw commissioned the Primer for his granddaughter for what reason?

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