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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Nell's Passage through Pudong | Peculiar Practices in the Woods.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the cloud that hangs over Atlantis/Shanghai?
(a) A constant source of rain and gloom.
(b) Pollution.
(c) Microscopic organisms that act as an immune system.
(d) A dome that shields the area.

2. In the video that Judge Fang views of a recent robbery, what was the robbers' mode of transportation?
(a) They drove an old car.
(b) They ran.
(c) They skated on nanoskates.
(d) They rode high-tech bicycles.

3. When a grown-up Nell visits Harv in the Leased Territories, what does he ask her to do?
(a) Bring him a copy of the Primer.
(b) Find a cure for his health problems.
(c) Remember that he gave her the book that helped her become a powerful woman.
(d) Remember that he protected her from Tequila's many lovers.

4. In "Harv Brings Nell a Present," what happens when Tequila's boyfriend throws the Primer at Nell?
(a) The Primer hits Tequila.
(b) The Primer hits Tequila's boyfriend.
(c) The Primer knocks Nell to the ground.
(d) The Primer avoids hitting Nell.

5. In the Primer, why and how does Dinosaur sacrifice his life after he, Nell, and their three magic friends escape from the castle?
(a) His weight was sinking their boat during a storm, so he jumped out.
(b) Dinosaur was hindering the raven's flight, so he let go of the bird's claws.
(c) Dinosaur was so big, his friends were unable to hide from their enemies, so he ran away.
(d) Dinosaur felt he was too slow, holding his friends back, so he drank some poison.

Short Answer Questions

1. In the Primer, who kills the Baron?

2. What false information is given to Hackworth to lure him to the Flea Circus?

3. In the Primer, who drives the trolls away from the castle?

4. Describe the woman at the center of the Drummer ritual.

5. In the Primer, the Dark Castle is guarded by whom?

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