The Diamond Age, or, Young Lady's Illustrated Primer Multiple Choice Test Questions

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Multiple Choice

1. "The Diamond Age" is set in what era?
(a) The late twenty-second century.
(b) The late twenty-first century.
(c) The early twenty-first century.
(d) The early twenty-second century.

2. Why does Bud visit a mod parlor?
(a) To upgrade his skull gun to a state-of-the-art spray gun.
(b) To get a tattoo.
(c) To obtain a robot arm.
(d) To purchase retro clothing.

3. What is the primary technology in use in "The Diamond Age"?
(a) Computer networks.
(b) Nanotechnology.
(c) Artificial intelligence.
(d) Monotechnology.

4. What is the function of Source Victoria?
(a) Computer networking.
(b) Maintaining Victorian values.
(c) Artificial intelligence.
(d) Filtering dirty sea water and polluted air.

5. Where do Peacock Bank customers keep their credit cards?
(a) The bank does not issue credit cards.
(b) Mounted on a bone near the surface of the skin.
(c) Implanted inside a skull gun.
(d) Custom wallets with electronic locks.

6. How does the banker explain to Bud the penalties for missing payments on a line of credit?
(a) He explains that Bud's skull gun would be removed.
(b) He points to a group of prisoners assembling jewelry.
(c) He indicates a group of prisoners digging ditches.
(d) He says Bud's credit card would self-destruct.

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