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Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of writer has Ray gained a reputation as being?

2. Where does Ray go when he is accused of drinking too much?

3. Who shows up and dances wildly with a tall girl?

4. Who teases Ray about being the lazy one in the house?

5. In what month does Ray finally leave for his summer job?

Short Essay Questions

1. What realization does Ray have that truly makes him feel free?

2. What does Japhy's father do when he arrives at the party for Japhy's going away?

3. Describe Rhoda's fiance as Ray sees him at their first meeting.

4. What does Ray refuse to do at a wild party at Sean and Christine's house?

5. What does Ray do as he stays in the shack behind Sean and Christine's home?

6. For how long does Ray continue to meditate in the woods?

7. For how long do Japhy and Ray stay away from the party on their hike?

8. Where is Japhy living when Ray finally finds him along his journey?

9. What does Ray realize about himself once he arrives at his summer job?

10. What does a local confide to Ray when the two become drunk together?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea that you can't fall off a mountain is a glorious realization for Ray as he is climbing on the mountain with Japhy.

Part 1: Describe the moment when Ray finally understands the idea of not being able to fall off the mountain.

Part 2: What does this realization really mean to Ray?

Part 3: What does Japhy interpret this realization to mean?

Essay Topic 2

The various settings of the story seem to convey different moods for the story. From beginning to end, the environments of the characters inform the characters themselves and vice versa.

Part 1: List three of the settings within the story.

Part 2: What is the mood of each of these settings?

Part 3: How does the mood of the story change from beginning to end? Reference different settings as they relate to these shifts in moods.

Essay Topic 3

The idea of sexuality is one that is explored at different points of the story, but Ray's own feelings about sexuality seem to be conflicted.

Part 1: How does Ray respond to the idea of the yabyum idea? Does his reaction seem to fall in line with its definition or with his own sense of lust and longing?

Part 2: Ray seems to practice celibacy in most of the story, preferring to avoid sexual contact altogether. Is this a moralistic choice of a defense mechanism? Why do you say what you do?

Part 3: What does the story as a whole seem to say about sex? Is it a good thing? A bad thing? Spiritual? Abhorrent?

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