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Short Answer Questions

1. Who teases Ray about being the lazy one in the house?

2. What does Japhy do to his girlfriend before the boat departs?

3. Where does Ray stay for a little over a month after Japhy departs?

4. What would the name of their press be, according to Japhy's plans for he and Ray's future?

5. How many couples are at the party at Sean and Christine's house?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Japhy do with his girlfriend who tries to board the boat with him to Japan?

2. What do Ray and Japhy do when they begin to get bored of the party?

3. Where is Ray's lookout location to be situated?

4. What does Ray want to do when Japhy suggests they go to the lecture and discussion session?

5. Where is Japhy living when Ray finally finds him along his journey?

6. What does Ray dream about when he is sleeping during the night after Japhy and he begin their hike?

7. How does Ray get from Los Angeles to San Francisco as he searches for Japhy's shack?

8. For how long does Ray continue to meditate in the woods?

9. What does Ray realize he misses when he goes to Juarez and meets some people for drinking and smoking?

10. What does Ray do as he stays in the shack behind Sean and Christine's home?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The theme of simplicity is another obvious idea that is tested and acknowledged as the story continues.

Part 1: What are Ray's ideas about simplicity? What are Japhy's ideas about simplicity?

Part 2: What are some examples of Ray and Japhy's adherence to simplicity?

Part 3: Why is living simply preferable to living any other way, according to these characters?

Essay Topic 2

The voice of the narrator is always a concern for a novel. Since the author's own life and opinions often influence the narration, the narrator's voice must be questioned.

Part 1: Who is the narrator of this novel?

Part 2: What does the narrator bring to the story and the telling of the story?

Part 3: How does this particular narrator affect the telling of the story? Is he/she a positive or negative influence on the story telling? Is he/she they trustworthy?

Essay Topic 3

Settling into one area seems to be something Ray is unable to do, preferring instead to travel from one location to the next as his moods dictate.

Part 1: What does the idea of always moving seem to say about Ray?

Part 2: Do you think Ray is truly a wanderer or someone who is always trying to run away from his life? Why?

Part 3: What does the wandering of Ray seem to say about the idea of being still? What does the author seem to be saying about staying in one place?

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