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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are the first names of the owners of the house behind which Japhy sleeps?
(a) Jack and Diane
(b) Sean and Christine
(c) Sean and Princess
(d) Alvah and Warren

2. Who is NOT one of the people who comes to visit after the wild party at Sean and Christine's?
(a) Rosie
(b) Princess
(c) Coughlin
(d) Alvah

3. What do Ray and Japhy do in order to help Sean?
(a) Wash the cars
(b) Split logs
(c) Clean house
(d) Cook meals

4. Where does Ray stay for a little over a month after Japhy departs?
(a) A shack
(b) At the bus station
(c) In a traincar
(d) In the woods

5. Who does Ray find to be cynical and even jaded as they continue to talk?
(a) Warren
(b) Japhy
(c) Sean
(d) Alvah

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Ray sleep after being pursued by a young homosexual man?

2. How much did the big Texan with a sombrero want from Ray for a ride to Los Angeles, even though Ray only had $4 to offer?

3. Where does Ray hitchhike to after leaving his mother's house?

4. Where do Japhy and one of the owners of the house work during the day?

5. What is the last name of the character in the answer to #139?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Japhy want to introduce Ray to some friends at a lecture and discussion session?

2. What does Rheinhold Cacoethes do during the going away party for Japhy?

3. What does a local confide to Ray when the two become drunk together?

4. What does Ray realize about himself once he arrives at his summer job?

5. For how long do Japhy and Ray stay away from the party on their hike?

6. What does Ray's brother-in-law think about his time in the woods and in the house?

7. As Japhy and Ray catch up a bit, what does Ray seem to feel about Japhy's demeanor?

8. What does Ray realize as he settles into his position in the middle of the woods?

9. What does Ray realize during one of his meditations he is empowered to do?

10. What does Ray want to do when Japhy suggests they go to the lecture and discussion session?

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