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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How far off is Morley when they hear his yodeling in the morning?
(a) 2 miles
(b) 4 miles
(c) 1/2 mile
(d) 1 mile

2. Who is uncomfortable in the more expensive restaurant where the men have dinner?
(a) Morley
(b) Ray
(c) Warren
(d) Japhy

3. What does Japhy say he and Ray will follow in order to find their way through the boulders?
(a) Intuition
(b) Ducks
(c) Strings
(d) Signs

4. Whose house is Ray trying to reach as he is hitchhiking across the United States?
(a) His sister's
(b) His brother's
(c) His own
(d) His mother's

5. What does the Buddhist philosophy of sex represent, according to Japhy?
(a) Perfect union
(b) Perfect need
(c) Perfect satisfaction
(d) Perfect lust

6. What does the girlfriend in #64 rant about as Ray sits with her?
(a) The police
(b) The trees
(c) Cars
(d) The aluminum foil

7. How many men get together at Japhy's small house?
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 4
(d) 2

8. Where was Ray staying before he arrives in Los Angeles at the beginning of the story?
(a) Texas
(b) Hawaii
(c) Mexico
(d) Washington

9. To what city does Ray buy a bus ticket after he sleeps in a ditch several miles outside of Los Angeles?
(a) Berkeley
(b) Oakland
(c) San Francisco
(d) Riverside

10. What does Morley do in order to show the other men where he is on the trail?
(a) Yodel
(b) Nothing
(c) Signal
(d) Throws rocks

11. What does Japhy use to look at the stars?
(a) Telescope
(b) Star map
(c) Binoculars
(d) He doesn't

12. In what city does Ray's mother live?
(a) Springfield
(b) Asheville
(c) Rocky Mount
(d) Pleasanton

13. How far is the hitchhike Ray is planning to do?
(a) 3,000 miles
(b) 25 miles
(c) 100 miles
(d) 2,000 miles

14. What does Ray feel Japhy would rather be studying instead of what he is doing at the current moment?
(a) Religion
(b) Trees
(c) Poetry
(d) Rocks

15. Who stops by to visit Ray and Alvah when Alvah is out?
(a) Morley
(b) Princess
(c) Warren
(d) Japhy

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does the truck driver say he will take Ray to in exchange for Ray showing him around Mexico?

2. Where did they find the camping equipment Ray needed, such as sleeping bags and flashlights?

3. What is the year in which the story begins?

4. What does Ray do once everyone else goes to bed for the night?

5. What kind of writer is Ray Smith, the main character and narrator of this story?

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