The Dharma Bums Character Descriptions

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This character is an East Coast beat writer whose published work is gaining national attention. He is about thirty-five years old and has blue eyes, though he is otherwise not physically described in detail. He is interested in Buddhism and is seeking personal enlightenment. This character is introduced to mountaineering and camping by a friend, and through the novel, he develops a deep and personal connection with the wild outdoors.

The St. Theresa Bum

This character is the bum who is a smaller, older man, and spends several hours sharing food and wine and swapping stories. This character is from Ohio and is an ex-railroad employee. He is named, by the narrator, for a clipping of a prayer he carries in his wallet.

The Buddha Bum

This character is a talkative middle-aged man who spends perhaps an hour talking. This character is an ex-Marine from Paterson, New...

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