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The Camp

This place contains a low line of barracks surrounded by barbed wire, a wall and watchtowers that hold armed guards.

New Rochelle

This place is the hometown of Hannah Stern.


This place is the site where a wedding is planned that is interrupted by the arrival of Nazis.


This place is where Hannah's alter ego, Chaya, lived with her parents.

The Bronx

This place is where Hannah's grandparents live.


This is a ritual feast held by Jews during Passover.

The Haggadah

This is a ritual text that is expected to be recited and read in Yiddish and English.

Lilith's Cave

This place is referred to as the bride of death.

The Holocaust

This is the term that describes the excitement of an estimated six million Jewish people during WWII.


This is the Jewish nation that arose after WWII.

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