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Essay Topic 1

How are character descriptions used in order to provide information on characters in the story? What are the benefits of character descriptions used in the novel?

Essay Topic 2

Decide who you believe to be the protagonist and the antagonist in the story. Explain why you chose these characters. What classifies these characters as being a protagonist and an antagonist? What are the results of having a protagonist and antagonist in the story?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Hannah and Chaya. In what ways are they the same character, yet different characters in the story?

Essay Topic 4

Foreshadowing plays a role in the novel when Hannah arrives at the camp. What is the role of foreshadowing in the novel? What are the positive and negative aspects of this writing style?

Essay Topic 5

Discuss and describe the organization of the novel, and the pros and cons of this...

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