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Donald Ray Pollock
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sandy think she got a venereal disease?
(a) From her husband.
(b) From having sex with an Iowa farm boy.
(c) From having sex with a soldier.
(d) From having sex with an old drunk.

2. Where does Willard put the animal carcasses?
(a) He burns them.
(b) In the prayer clearing.
(c) In the field to warn off the other animals from the garden.
(d) In the cellar.

3. What does Carl do after Sandy falls asleep?
(a) Writes a man in prison and describes his crimes.
(b) Drinks.
(c) Takes pictures of her nude body.
(d) Masturbates.

4. What does Arvin's father tell Arvin to do about the situation with other?
(a) Start saying no.
(b) Realize that others just are jealous of his brilliance and take it as a compliment.
(c) Stand up for himself.
(d) To stop thinking so highly of himself.

5. About what does Dunlap taunt Willard?
(a) The disparity in the two men's incomes.
(b) That Dunlap will never sell the house to a loser.
(c) That Willard's wife has her eye on Dunlap.
(d) That Arvin is small for his age.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Jack?

2. What is Willard doing?

3. Who does Theodore manipulate Roy into killing?

4. What do Willard and Arvin do for hours each day?

5. What does Willard realize is not working to help Charlotte?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Willard exact his revenge on the hunters later, and what does he say to Arvin about the incident?

2. What does Arvin start to do when he hears someone nearby and what is his father's reaction? How does Arvin feel what his father tells him to do?

3. Where is Arvin joining his father?

4. About what does Deputy Sheriff Bodecker fantasize?

5. With whom is Henry's wife committing adultery and with whom does Henry say he'd like to commit adultery?

6. Why does Emma believe God will not hold her to her bargain about Willard?

7. What does Willard do after Charlotte's funeral?

8. What happens to the young, attractive soldier that Carl and Sandy pick up?

9. Who are Sandy and Carl and what are they doing?

10. Who is closing Maude's Store, and about what is he fantasizing?

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