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Donald Ray Pollock
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 7 - Ohio, Chapters 51 through 55.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Willard realize is not working to help Charlotte?
(a) The oncologist.
(b) The stress of living in Dunlap's house.
(c) Animal sacrifices.
(d) The medicine.

2. About what does Dunlap hint among his friends?
(a) That he hired a man to kill his law partner.
(b) That he'd like to run for State Senate.
(c) That he'd like to move to the city.
(d) That he'd like to have sex with Charlotte.

3. About what is Hank fantasizing?
(a) Owning the local flower shop.
(b) Asking a certain girl out for a date.
(c) Playing for the Cincinnati Reds.
(d) Going to Cincinnati for a baseball game.

4. Who is Charlotte?
(a) Arvin's oldest sister.
(b) Arvin's younger sister.
(c) Arvin's aunt who is married to the uncle who stops by.
(d) Arvin's mother.

5. How does Arvin feel about his father's reaction to the statement about Charlotte?
(a) Arvin is outraged that his father is not listening.
(b) Arvin admires his father's calmness.
(c) Arvin is certain his father will do something when it's appropriate to do so.
(d) Arvin is disappointed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Arvin put on the cross where Jack's bones had been hanging?

2. What does Bodecker have for the first time in a year?

3. Why does Arvin get into fights at school?

4. What does Bodecker burn when he heads out to find Arvin?

5. What does Jamie think of Sandy?

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