Objects & Places from The Devil All the Time

Donald Ray Pollock
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Knockemstiff, Ohio

This is the small village where Willard, Charlotte, and Arvin make their home.

The House on Mitchell Flats

This is the house just outside of Knockemstiff where Willard, Charlotte and Arvin live.

The Prayer Clearing and the Prayer Log

This is where Willard goes to pray.


Willard rings the prayer clearing with these.

Meade, Ohio

Carl and Sandy Henderson make their home here.

The Wooden Spoon Restaurant

This is where Willard meets Charlotte.

The White Cow Diner

This is a diner in Meade.

Coal Creek, Ohio

This is the community where Emma and Earskell live.

Willard's Luger

Willard returns home from the war with this.

Carl and Sandy's Car, the Rolls of Film

This is essentially a weapon they use on their hunt for victims on their killing spree.

Carl's Shoebox of Photographs

Carl keeps this in a closet at home.

Carl's Favorite Photograph


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